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俊宏 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

可以幫我翻譯嗎 我要正確意思和文法 不要用翻譯軟體給20點

The Corporation and the role of Directors and Officers

A corporation is an entity that the law considers to be a person that is

distinct from the corporations owners, called stockholders or shareholders.

As such, the corporation has manay of the same rights that other persons do,including the right to enter into contracts, own property, and borrow money.Corporations are the predominant form of business organization based onrevenues generated. It is easier for corporations to access the capital markets, and the limited liability of shareholders makes corporations more attractiveto invested in the corporation.

A corporation can be either a public corporation or a private corporation.

A public corporation (or publicly held corporation) is a corporation whose

shares are traded to and among the public on the open market. A private

corporation (or privately held corporation) is a corporation whose shares are

not traded on the open market.

A corporation is owned by its shareholders but is controlled by its board of

directors. The directors (sometiomes called trustees) may be major shareholdsand executive offcers of the corporation, but directors may also include outside business or social leaders who often have little financial stake in the corporation. The board of directors establishes corporate policy, makes major business and financial decisions, and appoints the corporations executive officer (such as chief executive officer, president, secretary, and treasurer) to manage the daily operations of the corportion. The executive officers are not necessarily the only employees who are officers of the corporation. The corporations by law (the rules by which a corporation governs itself) may specify that employees above a certain level of seniority or holding certain positions are also considered to be officers of the corporation.



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    公司是一個實體 法津上將它被視為一個人 且和公司擁有者區分開來

    而這些人稱為股東 (stock holders 或shareholders)

    就它本身而言 公司有和其它人所擁有的權利,含擴了 簽約 擁有資產

    融資、公司主要的以產生收益商業組織模式 有收益它就能更接近資本市場

    股東的有限責任義務 使的公司更具投資吸引力

    公司可以是上市或私人的 ,上市的公司 (公開持有公司)

    可以在公開市場上交易股權 ,而私人公司 (個人所持有的) 即股權不能在公開市場交易

    公司由股東所擁有 但由董事會撐控 董事(有時稱受託管理人) 可能是主要股東

    公司執行理事 但董事也包含外部對公司有財務上籌碼的商業或社會領導人物

    董事會建立公司政策 決定主要經營方向 和財務決策

    任命公司執行理事 (像主要執行理事、總裁、密書、財務長等)

    來管理公司每日的營運 而執行理事不必然是公司的理事

    公司依法 (法這指管理公司的自己的法規) 可指定在某一年資或位處某階的員工也可以被認視為公司的理事。

    Source(s): myslf
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