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My girl just twittered that her water broke?

I've been dating this girl for about 2 years, and everything was going fine until last week. Her dad's name is Carl. His favorite movie is Nash Bridges, and his favorite ice cream is chocolate. She just twittered that her water broke. Should I call a plumber?

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    just twitter that you need a plumber...

    i dont even think they have phones anymore.

    did your gf break the faucet or something man? she must be strong

    watch your back she sounds mean


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    Umm bro. Whats with the details about her dad? Lol. And she was probably joking. And if you have been going out that long I think you would know if she was pregnant. So Im guessing you mean that her water broke at her house. So yeah. I would call her first.. Then call a plumber. Lol. :D

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    Wow, what an amazing stream of consciousness

    I have a green dog who likes to eat ice cream off the curb where wealthy wall street bankers like to dance to the macrena every other saturday while people in cowboy hats and chaps watched and smoked salmon they caught off the river below which is filled with phosphorus which made my dog green.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes. Hurry she could be leaking.

    Better bring some ice cream too.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sure. Call a plumber.

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    my favorite ice cream is chocolate too,

    OMG he have so much in common lets go out!

  • Ty
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    nah im sure her father will get it taken care off. lol its not your problem, right?

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    Why does that make my brain hurt...?

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    No - she maybe about to give birth!!!!!! This can be serious!....

  • 1 decade ago

    Uhm, what?

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