I'm joining the marines after finishing High School. People say that way is only for school screw-ups,help??!!?

Thatnks for taking your time to help me =) I'm 11th grade and I've thought about it seriously for years. I'm going to join the marines as an active duty Marine (USMC). I'm going to enlist as soon as i graduate High school. Everyone is saying that's for no life people who screwed up their life,doesn't want to go to college, and want quick money. I want to join because I WANT TO HELP :). My parents are not going to let me but i don't care because i want to save lives. I don't plan on going to college after my 4 years of Marines because i'm planning on being a police officer and working my up to a detective. Help me , help :) this is real important to me.

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    When you are 18, your parents will have no say in it. You can do what you want, including joining the Marines. As for those who think the Marines or military are for screw ups, they are absolutely wrong. Marines are a proud, courageous, ethical and integrity driven group of men and women. Your parents should be proud of your choice, not demean it. I can understand if they are afraid for your safety. I would be scared to death if my son joined the military right now.

    So long as you have looked into every aspect of the Marines and the military in general, and are well informed prior to signing up, I applaud your decision to do so. And don't pay attention to anyone who tries to belittle your choice. In the Marines, you can further your education through training and college. You will gain a world of experience that you could never have in a mainstream college. You can take that experience into the workforce when you leave the Marines or you may decide that you want to make the military a full time career. You may decide that becoming an MP is something you're interested in and just stick with the military. Or you may find that being a Marine is a hell of a lot more exciting than being a cop -- so you may decide to stay for that reason. War time is not the only time Marines are active. My husband was sent out to help people during times of natural disasters. He said that due to the fact that he was truly helping people, either in rebuilding or actually saving those caught in flood affected areas, in areas with mudslides, etc., that he found it extremely rewarding and it was exciting to boot.

    Or if you decide to get out after your 4 years, you have your education paid for thru VA benefits among many other benefits that are practical and extremely helpful. Using VA benefits to pay for your education does not limit your choices by any means, you can attend a maintstream college, a technical school, or any other training school to help you obtain employment. Plus, years in the military count towards seniority if you take a federal government position. Many police academies and police departments give preferential treatment to those who have served in the military (meaning you'd have a better shot at a job opening than just someone off the street or even someone with a degree). And there may be some police departments who require a degree, but certainly not all of them do. In Baltimore City (MD) for example and D.C., they do not require recruits to have a degree. They require that they pass a physical/endurance test and the police training course. To become a detective you would of course have to further your education. But as I said, you could do that for free via VA benefits.

    Be proud of your decision and do what you feel is right for YOU. Just make sure, as I said before, that you are well informed before making a final decision. Talk to a recruiter, talk to a school counselor, talk to other people associated with the military so you get the full scoop on Marine life.

    Good for you for considering the Marines as a career choice. Good for you!

    Source(s): Married to a retired Marine, come from a Navy family.
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    It always amazes me the knowledge base of high school students. The experience they have about the military branches could probably fill a thimble. Don't listen to their inept discussions about your future plans. More importantly is your parents not wanting you to go. Why? Have you sat down with them and found out what reasons they have for not wanting you to go? Normally parents don't want their children to join because they 1. Don't want them to leave home and 2. Don't want them to die. (both good reasons)

    Your parents have probably heard the same things that everyone else is telling you and are concerned. You say you want to help, figure out how you can do that (talk to your Marine recruiter as they can help you with this.) Once you have done that sit down and have a mature discussion with your folks. They may never like it but they should respect that you are growing up and will eventually make decisions that they don't like.

    As for the loser part. The life of a Marine isn't easy, and there are some who are screw ups. However over 90% of Marines are very successful. While you won't make any "quick" money you will have a consistant pay check and the opportunity to further your education. I have a Bachelors degree and every enlistment have turned down several high paying job opportunities to stay in. I can always get out and make money but I can only be a Marine once.

    Hope this helps

    Good Luck

    Source(s): 24 years active duty Marine
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    Buddy, do what your heart tells you. In the end, your friends won't know what's best for you. Even your parents won't. Only you will.

    I'm 18 and I JUST dropped out of my first year of college. I failed every class this year. Yet I have a 148 IQ(Genius level), got a 90 on the ASVAB(Also Genius level), and on the SAT, I got M-710 R-530 W-530. So it's not because I'm dumb, it's because I really don't and never really did want to go to college. My family forced me to.

    Guess what I did after I dropped out? I enlisted in the Army. As Airborne Infantry too. And I even plan on going Ranger or Special Forces someday. I ship June 2nd.

    The military is by no means for screw ups. There are 4 kinds of people in this world. Those born to study and get high paying jobs, those born to join the military and fight, those born to work crappy jobs at McDonald's, and those born to do nothing at all. Some people just CAN'T sit in a classroom just as how some people just can't stand the sight of blood. Know what I mean?

    Sure it's hard. But if you go to college like your parents wanted, you won't be happy because it's not what you wanted right? But just think about it before you do anything. Are you SURE you want to be a Marine? You say you want to save lives. But there's other ways.

    I don't mean to offend you, but when I was in 11th grade just 2 years ago, I was a gung ho dumb kid who just "wanted to blast some durkas". Make damn well sure you're not one of those.

    And why only 4 years? You might decide that you like it. You might decide that you hate it. Military life is COMPLETELY different from civ life. No offense, but it sounds like you just want the title of "Marine" instead of actually the rewarding feeling of serving your country. Think to yourself: If one wanted to serve his or her country, he or she would have no problem serving in ANY branch of the military be it Coast Guard, Navy, Airforce, Army, or Marine Corps.

    I understand where you're coming from completely bud. I've been there. But you've got an entire year. You have plenty of time to think about it. Ever think about joining the Marine Corps Reserves? That way you could go to college and be in the Marines at the same time and serve 1 weekend every month and 2 weeks every summer. Plus you could be in ROTC in college at the same time and automatically become an officer in the Marine Corps after you graduate college. Give it some thought my friend. Joining the military let alone the Marines is a huge step and it will change you and everything you've ever known in life.

    Best of luck

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    I'm not sure exactly what your question is, however everyone who said that the Marines is for screw ups clearly are ignorant to the subject. For starters, you have to be a high school graduate to enlist, or at least hold a GED (And even with a GED, applicants are turned down everyday). Also, there is the ASVAB, a test that you have to take just to be eligible to sign up, and also it gives you job placement. Following that you still have to be smart to do any of the good jobs, and that includes Infantry. Being on the front lines is one of the most important jobs, and they don't need idiots who will get their brothers killed out there.

    The Marine Corps also has opportunities for and encourages you to take college classes while serving your enlistment. With any effort at all you will walk away with an Associates Degree, and if you try you can walk off with a Bachelors; and that is from a single 4 or 5 year enlistment, depending on your job. Further, to be eligible for promotion to NCO (Corporal or above) there are certain MCI (Marine Corps Institutes) that you HAVE to do, which insures that our leaders aren't a bunch of 'idiots' or 'screw ups' as you so aptly put it.

    Everything in the Marine Corps is earned, never given, and you earn the title with a combination of physical fitness, intelligence, and common sense.

    Source(s): Being an Active Duty Marine.
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    First off people who say that can go cut their wrists because they are all the cowards who have probably never served a day in their life. If you want to join the Marines go for it man. You can join at 18 with or without your parents consent. The military is a great place to be. It offers many benefits that will help you later on.

    Also I just want to give you a heads up as far as becoming a police officer. You said you don't plan on going to college and I just want to let you know that you will never get hired as a police officer without at least an associates in criminal justice (reason for that is how can you enforce the laws if you don't know them and because so many people are entering that field that do have higher education that you would get passed up) and you cannot go to the police academy without a degree. Being a marine counts for a lot but they want well rounded people with an education in a public service like that. If by some miracle you did get hired you would never be promoted into the upper ranks without a degree.

    Source(s): Good luck to you in your future military service.
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    OUCH!!! I'm not a screw up!!! I love my Corps!!! They probably say that because they are either ignorant or ignorant... huh? Fancy that. Ignorance is the only answere. The Marines have done more for me in the time that I've been in and instilled more discipline, more drive, and more determination to suceed in my nasty little body then school ever did. Everyone has there own path in life to follow, and you are the only one who has to live with yourself for the rest of your life. So make the choice you can live with.

    Also, don't forget that famous quote, "If your not going to stand behind our military, why not stand in front of it."

    I believe that from the bottom of my heart. No one can know what we do or sacrifice or fully understand why we do what we do unless they have walked for a day in our shoes.

    Good luck on your decision.

    Semper Fi

    Source(s): US Marine Corps
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    Look man I'm all for the military from my point of view it is a good decision, tho you should try and get your parents to understand why you want to do this. But you need to ask a recruiter for help on this, you shouldn't be asking random people about this because people will either support you in this or they will be against you. For the most part people in general don't understand why you want to join, that is something that will always occur.

    But I am all for you on this

    Talk to your Recruiter about this

    And God Bless

    P.S. The military is not for screw ups true some people in are there for the wrong reasons but in general they are people who just want to serve their country

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    you should finish high school first, but you can be in the dep when you're a senior in high school. some people go to boot camp right after they graduate high school. i don't think you can enlist at 16 but you can at 17 if it's ok with your parents

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    my parents are the same way, im in college right now and im fixin to join the navy, my parents think its because i have a horrible home life and all that stuff, i hate school, its juyst not for me, so do what you think is best for you! thats what im doing and ive never been happier with my decision to join, you might like the marines and end up staying in for your 20 years, you never know

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    Watch the people who say that to you, drop out of college/get kicked out/spend 4 years in community college and work blue collar jobs the rest of their lives.

    Trust me, that is what happened to the fools who told me I was a loser for enlisting in the USMC. Make sure to shove that well funded/deserved GI bill in their face and the benefits, honor and respect you will earn for you hard work and sacrifice. You can enlist at 18 even if your parents disagree. Good luck to you.

    Although, I do want to mention.....most police departments require a Bachelors in Criminal Justice for applicants.

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