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could anyone explain STP for me?

What is STP?

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    STP is standard temperature and pressure

    For gasses, STP is 0 degrees Celsius and one atmosphere

    For solutions, it is 25 degrees Celsius and I believe one atmosphere

    Basically, it is by convention. So there really is nothing special about is. So, if anyone asks something about gases at STP, you can just replace it with 0 degrees celsius and one atmosphere. The same applies for solutions but 25 degrees celsius

    Source(s): I take AP Chem
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    Explain Stp

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    STP = standard temperature and pressure = 298 K and 1 atm

    This way, scientists have a standard they can use to compare and do calculations with.

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    STP is Standard Temperature and Pressure. It is 273K (Freezing point of water) and 1 atm (atmospheric pressure) It is used in the gas laws to determine changes in volume/pressure/temperature.

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