will steam cleaning your carpet get rid of fleas and kill them?

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    NOPE You must do the whole process. Guaranteed if you use professionals. Groomers for pets, Exterminators for the house AND yard. Then preventative MONTHLY on pets (Frontline, Revolution, etc) Preventative is the key after total eradication. Follow directions precicely on flea shampoo, insecticide, etc. Wash (hottest water possible)/clean/spray all bedding, decor. pillows, curtains, furniture. the process MUST be done again in 7-10 days to break the life cycle of the fleas. It's expensive, but less so if it's done right the first time and preventative measures are taken. Easier if you take ALL washables to the laundrymat at once, and don't bring them back in until everything else is done.

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    Flea Carpet Shampoo

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    Flea Killing Carpet Shampoo

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    will steam cleaning your carpet get rid of fleas and kill them?

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, it won't you need to treat your dog... We washed our dog with original BLUE DAWN dishsoap.. It's not harmful and fleas HATE it.. It's also less poisonous then using a flea dip/powder combined with drops... Then we used a flea preventative like ZODIAC it's cheaper than Frontline and works just as well.

    Then we did the house. We have wall to wall carpet... I used a mixture of baking soda and salt.. Sprinkle liberally on the carpets and let it sit overnight. Make sure you have plenty of bags, belts and a good filter since you are going to need to vacuum for a month or so... Ohio State University did a study last yr. suggesting that 94% of adult fleas are killed simply by vacuuming the floors.. That's pretty good and it doesn't matter what kind of vacuum you have ANY vacuum will do... You just have to use it EVERYDAY.. For the best results...

    After the BS and Salt sit on the carpet for a day vacuum really well. The BS will smother the live fleas/larve and the salt will puncture the tough eggs... PLUS the mixture deodorizes AND pulls dust/dirt/debris from the carpets...! Not bad for a cheap fix. I bought 12 lbs. of BS and 3 lbs. of salt for under $10 !

    You can wash any pet bedding and toys... .You can also set-up a homemade flea trap... Here's how.... get a shallow light colored dish.. Fill it with acouple inches of water and acouple drops of DAWN- leave a lamp shining on it and let it sit out overnight... The fleas are drawn to he warm water jump in and can't jump out the Dawn breaks the surface tension so the fleas DROWN... AWESOME...

    Good luck

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    No steam cleaning will only out them dormant for a little while in order to get rid of them you have to get the flea stuff and follow the directions.

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  • 6 years ago

    ive treated my pets first then my carpets for two weeks now with salt an baking soda an im wondering if i can just vacuum every day verses using baking soda an salt every couple of days? It has worked when it comes to less fleas. Any suggestions?

  • 1 decade ago

    Only temporarily.Then the ones in your furniture and outside and on your pets or you will jump back in and start breeding up replacements fast again.

    Personally I recommend Fleabusters. Growing up with pets, my parents bombed the house regularly, and the fleas always came back. When I lived in an apartment, it contantly got infested with fleas, no matter what I did. I finally saw an ad for those guys and gave them a shot -- AND IT WORKED. I'd recommend them any day.

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    You need to fumigate and treat your pets. Steam cleaning will only give you clean fleas.

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