Are fairies real or just a myth?

To make this short, I have an aunt who's a wiccan and recently she's told me about summoning some kind of fairies. Now, I understand that things in wicca aren't always meant to be taken in a literal sense, but it seems like she's being serious. Although I find it hard to believe in such things as fairies, I want to keep an open mind about all possibilities the universe could hold.


ATTENTION: If you're a closed-minded atheist and have the maturity of a small child, I'm going to ask you ahead of time, please, don't answer this question, thank you.

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    What do you mean, "that things in Wicca aren't always meant to be taken seriously ???.. Wicca is a religion which even though is relatively new, it's belief system predates any other religion on the planet... It follows the "old ways"...It is a nature based religion which is as old as mankind itself...

    I do believe in Faeries, yes... They are not of this realm,they live in the "Otherworld"... Faerie represents Power, magickal power,incomprehensible to humans, and hence, inimical. It must be remembered that though the world of Faerie is to a large extent dependent on humans,Faeries are "alien" creatures with values and ethics far removed from mankind.. They don't think , and most notably, they don't feel, the way humans do.. Some faeries will let you see them but only after you have gained their trust.."Once upon a time" when we lived our lives connected to the Earth (our mother) and we had respect for all living creatures and thing's , the Faeries were as much a part of our realm as Tree Spirits and Lake Nymphs to name but a few.. But sadly time moved on and people forgot the "old ways" And now with alternative religion's and beliefs etc , the forgotten is being remembered and practiced once again...

    Have you every wondered why you have to keep straightening your hanging pictures in the morning ??

    Well that is because faeries sit on them during the night..

    Fairy call Sit where the cat sits.

    Cross your toes.

    Close your eyes.

    And smell a rose.

    Then say under your breath:

    "I believe in fairies, sure as death."

    Gadflykins! Gladtrypins!

    Gutterpuss and Cass!

    Come to me fairily

    each lad and lass!

    ~From "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book"~

    In Light... )O(

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    Most people on this planet have been conditioned since birth to believe a certain number of factors. Some of these factors include things that are true or false when ultimately anything can be true and anything can be false, it's all according to the perception of the individual.

    Perhaps your Aunt believes that faeries are real and true. There is nothing and no one in the right to judge her about that or tell her otherwise. Does anyone truly even know for sure? Or is life just another figment of the imagination? Perhaps we are all just apart of some great dream awaiting the dreamer to awake.. where would we be then? Or would we be at all?

    Another good example is when people tell children or adults that if they have an imaginary friend or even an invisible one then they are "crazy". When in fact the aspect of God or the holy spirit in christian based beliefs is exactly that.. invisible or imaginary.. so would not all Christians and believers of God be "crazy"? Of course they wouldn't think so because the majority rule lol

    You decide.

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    Are Fairies Real

  • 1 decade ago

    I love this question! I am Wiccan (for over 15 years), and fairies can tend to play a role in our practices and beliefs... I kind of felt the same way you do about it being hard to believe in fantasy creatures such as fairies. Throughout my studies, I have come across a lot of theories regarding such things, and I thought that I would pass those lessons along.

    One: if you look back to ancient times, and the first drawings or descriptions of fairies, it is almost eerie how people from completely different civilizations, with virtually no way of ever communicating with each other, came up with very similar depictions as to what became know the Fae, or Faerie folk. This was my first indication that these creatures may not just be purely made up. It was so fascinating to me how similar all the art was regarding these creatures. As time went on, and people started disbelieving, or were forced to disbelieve in these creatures, actual sightings of faeries became more scarce. The way it has been explained to me is that essentially as these creatures became almost looked down upon as make-believe, they continued to coexist with us, however on a different plane of existence. I'm not sure how to put it any clearer than that... and although they live in a different plane/dimension, they do have to ability to enter the dimension in which we live in.

    I have personally had a few experiences which I cannot explain logically, and these occurrences happened after I had done a lot of Fae research. One, which to this day I have no explanation for and was very odd, was one day I opened up my junk drawer (you know, that drawer that everyone has that you just throw stuff into.... mine happened to hold all my random utensils), and it was completely reorganized... and I don't mean just straightened up, but like someone had purposefully went into the drawer and put everything in its proper place.... The only other inhabitants of my apartment were my husband and his brother (both 20-somethings at the time)... Both of whom I am 100% certain DID NOT clean out my junk drawer. It was the most perfect looking junk drawer that I have ever seen.... and this strange coincidence has never happened again. I don't really know if it was a house fairy who did it, but I have never been able to come up with another explanation for it.

    I'm sorry this answer is so long.... but, it's really up to you as to whether or not you want to believe in fairies or not... I didn't before, but now I'm not so sure. Yes, I have never seen one with my own two eyes, but there are a lot of things that I have never seen that I still know exist. If you are interested enough and want to read up more on the Fae folk, I suggest a book by Cassandra Eason called "A Complete Guide to Faeries and Magical Beings."

    Good luck in finding your answer!

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  • 5 years ago

    Many matters like gnomes and fairies will also be regarded as our bodily notion of dwelling energies. E.g., a fairy is rather the human brain's attempt to comprehend and understand a non-bodily vigour in a style it may possibly understand. Mermaids.. good... if you happen to had been a sailor caught at sea for months with out females round, you might desire to hump a manatee too.

  • 5 years ago

    Okay! Okay! See if you believe they are real but if you don't then they will not! Hey! I am not joking cause even I had seen fairy three times. So look for more than your heart than your eyes, care for nature. Cause mother nature isn't asking you to cut all the gifts she had given mankind. Just enjoy the beauty of nature and then they will just come to you.

    If you are really curious then try chanting this while watering the plants at your garden or while sweeping your home...

    Come one come all

    Good fairies hear my call

    Celebrate sing and play

    Feel welcome in my home today.

    Hope this works for you

    Just believe in them and mother nature they will come.



    Have hope it will work.

    And be happy :-)

  • 1 decade ago

    In my experience: Yes. Fairies are real and "just" an myth. Myths are....real. Not necessarily substantive, but real, in the way your feelings are real, or sunlight is real.

    I'm a Wiccan who cares little about belief. Practice the forms, have faith in what you *know* to be true, and use your abilities in the best way you can. I don't "believe" in much of anything. I've either had experiences to substantiate a possibility or I haven't. And I have had experiences to substantiate the possibility that the Gentry exist, but that may only be useful for my reality. (These experiences also substantiate what the poster immediately above posits. The Gentry are as likely to do you an ill turn as a good turn, so be wary of them!)

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    yes and not only wiccans believe that fairies exist. in other areas it is a common belief that fairies are real. i am very open minded and belief that more than just fairies exist.

  • 1 decade ago

    i love how you think. who knows if they excist. personally i believe theres things in this world that we dont know about such as fairies etc.

    who knows. theres so much more that we dont know, maybe we never will know its best to think outside of the box and open your mind to all the possibilities.

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    I only believe in things that i see with my own eyes.If your aunt can actually summon a fairy,then you will be a true believer.

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