Should my son's date for proms parents informed us how expensive the meal would be?

My son was asked by a girl he recently met to attend her prom. I just had to run a large sum of money to him because the parents of the girl made reservations for them at a very expensive restaurant before the prom tonight. ($60 Plus per plate). Should his parents have informed us of the cost of this restaurant before making these reservations? I am still unsure if he is going to have enough cash to pay for both his and the girl's meal. Should he pay for the girl's meal as well? I have two older daughters and would never have had the nerve to have done that without paying for my child's meal AND contacted the boy's parents and informing them of the high cost of the restaurant. I am a single parent in a blue collar job. I already have $245 out in Tux rental, prom tickets, pictures, etc.

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    My prom is this Saturday and we're going to Ruby Tuesdays and I'm paying for my meal cause I feel bad making my date pay! I don't think that's right at all to make reservations at an expensive restaurant and then expect your son to pay especially that she asked him to prom! It's nice for the guy to pay, but they shouldn't have made reservations at such an expensive place without letting you or him know! I don't think it matters where you eat before prom as long as your with your friends and you have fun! But yes they should have informed you!!!

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  • casolo
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    you do no longer choose a date for the promenade. you may set up for a team, say of your acquaintances to circulate to the promenade. it may be extra relaxing. Why tension your self with this occasion? permit me inform you with reference to the promenade: in case you have a date, he probable gets lost interior the team the minute you get there, and circulate away you somebody on my own for the extra valuable area of the evening. you have a foul time, yet whats up! a minimum of you had a date, good? on the different hand, you circulate with a team of close acquaintances, have a powerful time (like the promenade is meant to be) and don't concern approximately one individual. there is various of time thus far and characteristic boyfriends. delight on your final 365 days in school and don't sweat the small stuff.

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