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How Cool Is Your Parents Music Taste?

This could be a generation thing but my Dad was born in the 1930's and he hates rock music, he liked the 'Beatles' until they all grew moustaches! and he thinks that 'Bob Dylan' is black and dead!

Do you have cool parents, or like me you had to lock yourself in your bedroom with the headphones on to listen to your favourite bands?

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    My parents have pretty good taste in the scheme of things, mostly classic rock, their favorite band is The Moody Blues, which was the band that got me into music. They also like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Yes, CSN&Y, America, etc. and they like the King Crimson stuff I've shown them and other progressive rock. Also they always like the jazz and classical I put on mix CDs for them, so I certainly can't complain, I probably wouldn't have been into music if not for the parents I have.

  • My dad listens to rock and roll, funk, and jazz. His favorite artists are Elton John, Prince, David Bowie, and Grover Washington. For some reason he hates the early Beatles, I don't know why maybe a traumatic childhood moment. Then he likes Queen and Led Zeppelin too. So, he listens to cool music...but I have to repeatedly ask him to turn it down. My mom used to listen to cool music. Recently it seems as though she's going through a music phase listening to Amy Winehouse, Christina Aguilera, and a whole bunch of other people I never heard of...I'm not saying it's bad, it's just unlike her. I just have to help her get back.

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    Pretty awesome i must say my dad is into bands like The Clash, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Megadeath, Nirvana, Def Leppard, all the good stuff and he even likes Bob Marley, Barrington Levy, a lot other reggae artists and he always plays house music lol. He also likes techno and freestyle and country, oldies, and a few old school hip hop tracks. A lot of my music taste came from him. On the other hand, my mom is ehh, she just sticks to her freestyle lol

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    I think it is actually pretty cool...

    My dad loves :


    Pink Floyd


    Led Zeppelin

    My mom loves:

    The Cure

    The Clash

    The Rolling Stones

    Pink Floyd


    I love those bands :) It's great that they support liking some of the music I like. I'm also pretty jealous because they saw most of those bands live..

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    I'm pretty fortunate in the music area. My parents and I like the same music. The only time we had a conflict was when my mom thought it would be cool to play Barry Manilow at my Sweet 16 birthday party. Thank goodness I talked her out of that.

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    my mom was a a teen in the 80s, she listened to Bowie and all that stuff... I like it, can't complain ^^

    now she usually likes what I'm listening to (...more the Indie-stuff, she's not really into EVERYthing...) so I don't have to hide or smth ^^

    and btw, we talked about music yesterday and for some strange reason my mom also thought Bob Dylan must be dead already *-*

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    My dad had the coolest music taste, he is the reason I like the music I do.

    My mom though listens to more calm music like Iron & Wine and Dave Matthews. but she still knows how rock out haha

    so my parents have a pretty cool music taste

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    My mum has awful taste in music. She loves pop whereas im more rock.

    My dad on the other hand has good taste. If im in my room with Muse on full blast he'll come in and have a listen. Sometimes i hear him singing along downstairs too. Plus he brought me up listening to like Madness, Rolling Stones and the Carpenters :P

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    my dad has great taste. i get most of my music from him like pink floyd, bob dylan, the beatles, led zeppelin, genesis, etc. he's seen a lot of great bands in concert... i'm totally jealous. my mom listens to some good stuff... but not as much the stuff that i like.

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    My dad has awesome taste in music. All the bands he likes i like too. Except he hates the Beatles, for some odd reason.

    My mom,pretty much likes anything, but mostly country :|

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