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Alice in wonderland theme?

My friend is always having party's with a cool theme. This year it is Alice in wonderland. I want to where at least one thing that is related to Alice in wonderland. Does anyone know somewhere that sells Alice in wonderland items? (like jewelry) It can be a shop online or not. Thx

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    I saw a pretty cute Alice in Wonderland necklace on Hot Topic's website if that helps.

    They sell rings that look like roses at Forever 21. Because of the flowers in the Disney version/Through the Looking Glass and the ones that were painted red, I'd get a white one.

    I also got a cute ring at H&M that looks like a big black bow. It reminds me of the one Alice wears. You could also get black hairbands with bows on them that look similar to her bow at many stores from all over.

    Have fun at the party!

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    party city.

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