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Did you hear that Richard Dawkins Atheist admitted God exists?


Paul (see below) is in error. I have attended seminars where Richard Dawkins did indeed admit he was wrong in the past and now admits God exists. Please do your research better Paul. Thanks for trying however due to your errored response you will not be getting best answer.

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    He never admitted that a God exists....He simply stated that it was possible for a God to exist. It's interesting that religious folk think that statements like these somehow give them a "win" against atheism....and here's why....

    First, Dawkin's statement (which is detailed more thoroughly in his book) implies that it also must be possible for a God NOT to exist; by advertising the statement as a win for theism, you also admit of the possibility of a non-existent God (which I assume was not your intention). More importantly, however, is the fact that it is possible for ANYTHING to exist. Surely, there are phenomena that occur in this universe of which we have yet to either imagine or empirically sense somehow.

    According to theist logic, if I stated that a flying kitten who could live in space orbits Jupiter every 10000 years, a theist would be forced to believe me until he could PROVE my story wrong. Ridiculous? is....., but this is what is asked of atheists everyday....and Dawkins was simply remarking that it isn't possible to prove such outrageous theories wrong. We can only reject them as proposterous all together.

    Response 2:

    I'm not interested in best answer, and I'm only scratching the surface on one of Dawkin's ideas (which I assumed you were contorting to an untruthful statement)...If his idea of the POSSIBILITY of God existing is what you were reffering to, then my answer still stands. If Dawkins actually ADMITTED to the existence of a God at a seminar, as you claim, I don't know anything about it. However, I suspect that if he did, it was only to make some sort of dramatic point. What precisely did he say at this seminar you attended?

    Oh...and one more thing...what sort of response WOULD be worthy of best answer to you? One which completely conforms to your beliefs??? Okay...what about this...."Wow!!! I didn't expect that! It just goes to show you that atheism is flawed....We all know that Dawkins is their official leader and none of them can think for themselves without his admission proves that Christianity is the answer to everything. Even though I've never read a single book that challenges the existence of God...I'll just reject any opposition to my own beliefs."

    Is that better? Can I have best answer now? :P

  • hovard
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    Atheists make each and every attempt to be honest with themselves. we gained't teach God would not exist. This comes up just about daily. As an atheist i've got not got self assurance that any god exists, yet how can i be actually helpful? asserting "i don't be responsive to" or "i'm unsure" isn't a demonstration of weak point to an atheist. I comprehend that that's no longer authentic with Christians. you're helpful on your information of the existence of Jesus and God. That brings you convenience. i do no longer choose that actuality in my existence to make me happy. i think, the two does Dawkins.

  • Leela
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    are you mixed up in narcotics or something? What you're talking about is rubbish. I assure you, Richard Dawkins doesn't believe in god anymore than he does the flying spaghetti monster or a tiny teapot circling the sun.

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