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Why do Red Sox fans act like the baseball universe revolves around them?

Obviously in the last 5 years the Red Sox have had more postseason success than anybody else in baseball, but let's get real.

Two World Series in 5 years is impressive, but it's not even CLOSE to a dynasty. Red Sox fans these days seem to think that they're now the team of destiny, the the old Yankee-Red Sox relationship is completely reversed and that the baseball universe revolves around them.

Does anybody else realize how ridiculous this is? They didn't even make the playoffs every year since 2004, and except for last year the Yankees were easily better than them each and every single regular season.

How about you get yourselves a real dynasty before you start having this disgustingly arrogant attitude.

I also hope that Red Sox fans know that the average Red Sox fan is 10 times as classless than the average Yankees fan ever was (even before you guys got all our bandwagoners. I'm almost happy that the Yankees started the **** the bed since we got to weed out some of these fake fans).

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    In fact there never was a "Curse of the Bambino" the Red Sox just Sucked for 80+ years, uhm yeah I'll take 25 Rings in the last 90 years over 2. Nuff said!

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    8 win streak. All I'm gonna say.

    9 years. I'll say that too.

    How many championships have you won since you started buying all your players? Exactly. How can you say the Yankees are a dynasty? They WERE a dynasty when they won 3 championships in a row back when the RED SOX traded them Babe Ruth.

    Oh and yeah get over it. Don't ever count the Red Sox out. 0-6? No problem. 8-6 now.

  • Kenny
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    Don't get too upset. We Red Sox fans understand you Yankees fans are having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that the Red Sox are the superior organization. It is to be expected.

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    ya, obviously, the red sox have been amazing! its not that we think the world revolves around us, but we are just really excited that we kick ***! i would just like to say that you have no right to say anything anyway, cuz the yankees have NOT been doing good. i personally think that you are being classless saying that yankees fans are 10 times as classy as a red sox fan. classy people arent rude and arrogant like that! and dont stereotype a red sox fan as 'fake'. i have been a red sox fan since i was five, thank you very much, and have never lost hope in them. thats whats great about us! we have/had hope, even when we were losin a lot. :-P

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  • Anonymous
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    You're giving all us Sox fans MORE attention by asking this question. Not only that but really, don't complain. Not all Red Sox fans are like this, just like not all Yankee fans are neandrethal-creatons, despite popular belief. Don't stereotype a certain fan, because there are always exceptions.

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    a splash jealous that the Mets are not getting sufficient interest? do no longer difficulty, in the event that they cave in back like they did in 2007 and 2008, you will get each and all of the attention you deserve. Yankees and purple Sox followers are constantly bragging because of the fact the group they root for surely wins.

  • Anonymous
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    You are suffering because you understand that the curse has been reversed. Now the Yankees are the team that is going to go 80+ years without seeing a World Series victory. This was confirmed by a seance conducted with Babe Ruth's ghost in an old saloon in Baltimore. Now it is YOU GUYS who are going to spend generations in misery. Tough luck, amigo.

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