Public transport from Ashburn Village to Verizon?

Hi guys,

I work for Verizon in Ashburn, VA and planning to move to Ashburn Village in Ashburn, VA. I don't have a car.

I want to know if there is any public transportation available near Ashburn Village which I can use for my daily commutation to Verizon.



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    I made the assumption that you are working at the Verizon store at 22001 Loudoun County Parkway, Ashburn, VA 20147 and used the Ashburn Village Homeowners Association, 44025 Courtland Drive and I checked the Washington Metro trip planner and they were “Unable to return an itinerary” – you can call them at (202) 637-7000 for further information. Your results could be different if I made incorrect assumptions above.

    I checked on public transportation in Loudon County and saw the route and schedule information at the last link.

    It looks like you have 2 choices:

    1. Walk or bike to work (it is a little over 4 miles according to MapQuest and I am sure that you could find some short cuts).

    2. Walk to stop 6 at the last link, get off at stop 2 and walk to work

    I would think that you would want to go directly to work as a pedestrian, bike rider, roller blader, etc. and get a ride on bad weather days instead of riding for a while on a bus that would have to stop at Dulles airport each morning (or only ride in bad weather). You can call Loudon Transit and Commuter Services at (877) 465-2287 for more help.

    Good and safe travels!

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