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So are the Rams doing a class 1 Grade A bluff with flying Mark Sanchez in, in order to get someone to bite?

They obviously are getting calls, from some teams, namely the Jets and Denver. Washington is also rumored to be interested in getting Sanchez, or at least moving up in the draft. I am going out on a limb, and repeating what someone else said. Washington wants Michael Crabtree, so they are trying to get into position to get him. The desire for Mark Sanchez is a bluff, because Jason Campbell is really coming into his own these days, and can only get better. Campbell says he will request a trade if Washington goes for Sanchez, but i think Campbell is in on the bluff. The Rams are my team,but they are stupid by foregoing Jason Smith, who they desperately need at tackle. If they don't get a tackle to help Bulger stay off his ***, then the Rams will duplicate the past two seasons. Guaranteed!

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    Yep. Rumor has it the Jets are going to send a huge draft pick package to St.Louis for the 2nd overall pick. We'll see in an hour.

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    It probably is. However, If they actually purchased the ticket and gave it to him that is a violation and they will be penalized picks or money next year.

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    They are saying that to get trade suiters. they may get 2 fist round picks for their pick.

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    idk bulger is getting old

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