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Vacuum question. Is dyson good?

does anyone know about the dyson dc18? is it good? and how long does it last? does it lose suctioning? because we got one and i want to know if the money was worth it or not.

Also, it was factory remanufactured, so is that good or bad?

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    I just bought the Dyson DC18 Slim from Big Lots in Michigan for $259 today. When I got home, I noticed that it said "Factory Refurbished" on it and was concerned. However, the unit looks new and inside it says that it has been stripped down, cleaned out, replaced any necessary new parts, and tested thoroughly. It also comes with a six month warranty. I LOVE this vaccuum and it has more suction than any other vaccuum I ever owned. It works great on my hard wood floors, so now I don't feel that I have to use the Swiffer (cloths aren't cheap). I would highly recommend buying this if you can find a great price on it. I always wanted a Dyson, but was turned off by the price. Good luck!

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    I have had 2 Dyson sweepers. The first was purple and I loved it so much I gave it to my sister and bought another white Dyson for me. The money is so well spent and it does an amazing job for everything you need done, even dog hair. I almost have all wood floors now but Dyson works on them as well.

    Good luck.

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