How were the ancient societies supposed to find salvation?

There were many societies in the world before the coming of Jesus, that worshiped their own god for thousands of years before the "one true god" was even known to them. So how then did they find salvation? Did they all end up in Hell?

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    There are many reasons given by people who are NOT born-again as to why they don't want to believe in the God of the Bible. This one is in the top five because they think it shows God to be unfair to people who have never heard of Jesus. Many times the question is stated "What about the Heathen?".

    But God is indeed fair even though Jesus said "No man comes to the Father BUT BY ME." Here's the secret. It's found in Romans chapter 2.

    Starting with verse 13.

    13 For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.

    14 (Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, THEY ARE A LAW FOR THEMSELVES, even though they do not have the law,

    15 since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending them.)

    16 This will take place on the day when God will judge men's secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.

    So basically, if someone who has never heard of God, doen't know a thing about Jesus, and who has always lived outside of the realm of Christianity and Jewishness (there's a word for you) they still can make it by having and living the law. That law must be in their heart.

    Jesus (who does the final judging) will then allow them into Heaven because they never knew but lived as though they did.

    But that doesn't excuse YOU or any of US. We have heard. Now we must accept the Lord and the cross and the blood. We don't have the "out" that the heathen does.

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    It's is interesting that you bring this up. The Mesopotamians are a great example. As we all know, the Sumerian writings and the Hebrew and Christian writings have a lot of parallels. Does this invalidate the Bible? Not necessarily.

    According to some Jews and Christians, the fact that their scriptures have parallels with Sumerian writings confirms that God was revealing Himself to earlier civilizations in the same ways. Certainly God wouldn't have had one standard for one civilization, and a whole other standard for another civilzation. Therefore, they would find salvation in the same way that people do today under the "one true God."

    Well, that's one theory I've heard.

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    Around 15 separate individuals testified to seeing the Book of Mormon and the angel Moroni. Three additionally testified to listening to the voice of God claim the interpretation to be right. Correct me if I'm improper, however which of the ones different "prophets" had any truly witnesses of whatever as tangible because the Book of Mormon? Which of the ones different "prophets" shared their visions with others, such that more than one individuals would see them even as? I suspect your "all religions are the equal" philosophy is centered on inaccurate information. Joseph Smith was once in a category through himself. May I additionally factor out that if Joseph have been allowed to exhibit every person the plates, that they nonetheless would not have believed the interpretation? They simply could have attempted tougher to scouse borrow them.

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    Here is what the Church teach about it:


    "Since Christ died for all, and since all men are in fact called to one and the same destiny, which is divine, we must hold that the Holy Spirit offers to all the possibility of being made partakers, in a way known to God, of the Paschal mystery."63 Every man who is ignorant of the Gospel of Christ and of his Church, but seeks the truth and does the will of God in accordance with his understanding of it, can be saved. It may be supposed that such persons would have desired Baptism explicitly if they had known its necessity.

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    Cris truly is delusional. The god of Israel was not known across the world but rather only known in a few countries surrounding Israel.

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    Well, I'm sure future society's with their own religion that they made up will wonder the same thing about us.

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    According to christianity, yes.

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    Remember the story of Noah? That means there was a point in history where *everyone* was religious and followed the true God.

    The person who protested against this God and started their own society would have gone to hell. Were their children punished for it as well? It's up to God to decide, not us. But most likely their children also followed the customs of their fathers, so........

    Source(s): Perhaps someone else has a better answer....not including the person below me.
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    Earth is hell. Figure it out. The soul is energy. Energy is never destroyed, it just changes form.

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    It doesn't apply if it was before the christian god.

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