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NFC North Quarterbacks?

With the lions signing a deal with Matt Stafford he is now obviously in the NFC north...Lets say he turns out to be good and not a bust that would mean the Lions have Stafford, the Bears have Cutler, the Packers have Rodgers, and the poor Vikings have T-Jack/Rosenfels

If Cutler and Rodgers play like last year or better, and Stafford is good..and T-Jack i have nothing to say ..Do you think this would be one of the better Divisions for Qbs?..and what are your projected standings for this Division?

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    First off, if the Lions start Stafford at the beginning of the season they are extremely stupid.

    As of right now, Culpepper is the starter and Stafford will be carrying a clipboard. If their hopes of a playoff spot are gone somewhere in mid season, then they will probably let Stafford play.

    Secondly, I don't care what all the hype about Cutler says, he is not the big, bad "franchise" quarterback everyone says he is.

    He had one good season in Denver, and put up good numbers, but he had no choice.

    The Broncos had no running game and had to play from behind all the time.

    So of course he had to rack up some passing stats since that is all they had.

    The Bronco offense had to go into every game knowing they had to score at least 30 points to have a chance to win since the defense sucked so bad.

    If Cutler was so awesome, why did the Broncos go 8-8?

    Rodgers is a very good quarterback, you are right about him.

    And he did a great job considering the shoes he had to fill and the fan rejection he had to deal with during the whole "Favre" episode.

    Lastly, don't underestimate Rosenfels in Minnesota.

    The man is a good quarterback that plays hard.

    Given the great running game the Vikings have he should do very well with other teams crowding the box to stop Peterson.

    He didn't have a running game in Houston.

    So, I see the Packers winning the division and the Vikes possibly getting a wild card spot.

    But I really don't see that division being described as having the toughest quarterbacks by the end of the season.

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    If everything turns out good for the Lions then yes the NFC North will be arguably (NFC East has McNabb, Manning and Romo) the best QB trio of any division.

    I do think the Vikings get their QB in next years draft. Next year you will see 4-6 first round QB's.... Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Dan Lefeavour, Rusty Smith, Tim Tebow and Matt Grothe all are first round QB prospects for the 2010 draft. So if you are a Vikings fan regardless of what happens this year help is on the way.

    As for my NFC North predictions....

    Green Bay 11-5

    Chicago 10-6

    Minnesota 10-6

    Detroit 4-12

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  • Anonymous
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    This is your Conscience, Vikings wont go 4-12, They will beat Brown, Bengal, Ram, 49er, Seahawk, Cardinal, Bear once, packer once, Lion twice, Giant, and Panther


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  • Anonymous
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    Vikings 10-6

    Packers 9-7

    Lions 5-11

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    I could be, but the team are still not good enough for them to look excellent. My projected standings are:

    Chicago: 12-4

    Detroit: 9-7

    Green Bay: 9-7

    Minnesota: 4-10

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  • 1 decade ago

    Alot of young talent on the uprise, and dont be surprised if Minnesota gets Josh Freeman as well.

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