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Should Obama be impeached for treason for taking sides with terrorists over our own country's safety?

I dare anyone to watch this video and then say that Obama is justified to investigate the torture of the terrorists. If there is such an investigation then Obama and the DEMS should be impeached. In addition, Americans should bring a class action lawsuit against Obama and the DEMS.



The video is real. You can't change or deny that fact. American's suffered far more than any wimp-a$$ terrorists.

Update 2:

I would condone the torture and deaths of the people responsible for the torture and deaths of these innocent American's.

Update 3:

Why would Obama care MORE about the rights of terrorists than of Americans?

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    Obama didn't take sides with the terrorists, and never will.

    You are trying to divert attention from the true presidential disgrace, the treason of the Bush administration...

    The following is an open letter to my fellow good citizens of America and the World.

    The presidency of The United States of America is too important a position to be used in a callous and cavalier manner. Its prestige, as well as the reputation of the United States has been done great disservice and damage by the administration of George W. Bush, and steps must be taken to restore our honor and our place in international society. Thus:

    George W. Bush should be tried for treason.

    He instituted the use of "pre-emptive war" for the first time in history.

    He then took us to that war under false pretenses.

    He did so, with NO strategy for exiting.

    He wasted excessive American blood through incompetent mismanagement of that war.

    He caused excessive suffering of the Iraqi people due to preventable damage to their infrastructure, which he failed to anticipate or stop.

    He damaged our military readiness in a number of ways:

    1. He extended tours, though advised against it for the good of the troops.

    2. He utilized a "back door draft" and refused to allow discharges to deserving troops.

    3. He lacked the courage to institute a draft, even though he caused it to be sorely needed.

    4. He required more tours, as many as 5, when draftees would have only had to go once.

    5. He therefore damaged our ability to maintain an all-volunteer force, by treating them worse than draftees.

    6. He has weakened our forces to the point that we are almost defenseless if attacked.

    7. He made it possible for Russia to start flexing its military muscle, because of our weakened status.

    He failed to preserve protect & defend the constitution by using warrantless wiretaps and torture.

    He alienated our international friends, & gave aid and comfort to our enemies via incompetent 'cowboy diplomacy', thus making it easier to recruit MORE terrorists.

    He 'outed' an active CIA agent during a time of war!

    THAT SINGLE ACT is an act of treason, and should be handled accordingly.

    He should be tried for treason, and if found guilty, given the harshest penalty allowed.

    In time of war, that is death.

    Thus, the world would be shown that we take our responsibilities seriously.

    May God Bless America, and forgive us our sins.

    Please make us worthy of respect again.


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    . It is indeed a rare pleasure to find such a well thought out plan like yours: so clear, so precise, so legalistic, so profound, so intellectually stunning. Your logic is impeccable... are you a lawyer? Legislator? PoliSci major? Historian? Professor? Author? Philosopher? Resident genius at some fancy-schmancy university or a think-tank? Dolt savant? Which is it... it's got to be something world-class, I'm sure. Share your credentials? Anyway, I think you should pursue this effort: it will make you a standout... if you're not already... in your community, which must be so proud of you and your many accomplishments (too numerous to mention, I guess, because you didn't mention your qualifications nor did you list supporting evidence); but that's okay, your reputation precedes you. I am sure you're a credit to your race, too... right? But maybe you could provide that information --not that ==>> I <<== doubt you, no, not I' but there might be some folks not quite as smart as you and me (who isn't?), so why not share your information sources that led you to this brilliant conclusion, as well as to this obviously much-needed course of action. Me, I keep an open mind. I'm willing to sit down and talk with any potential adversary; I will work for world peace; I will work to get Congress to pass PRO-consumer legislation like bank reform and health care reform; I will work to protect 'the working man' from rapacious corporations and banks... the list is long, but surely -- SURELY-- nowhere near YOUR list of accomplishments, so why don't YOU lead the drive to impeach Obama. All you have to do is convince the House of Representatives that Obama has committed a high crime or misdemeanor... so what are you waiting for, an invitation? Get cracking, man. .

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    The former administration failed all Americans when it failed to serve justice to it's citizens. The assumption of guilt before proving innocent was a big mistake by all involved. The trial of these suspects, sentencing and conviction of anyone found guilty is long over due and should never have been entrusted to a new out of touch Democratic leadership. It's too serious of a situation to be left up to the new inexperienced guy. I will however give you this, I too am sick and tired of this Presidents appeasement mentality and big brother attitude when there's bigger fish to fry.

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    First of all there is no torture going on. The methods being employed are unbelievably mild.

    The release of these memos is absolutely unforgivable because it gives our enemies knowledge of the techniques being used which enables them to train themselves to withstand them.

    If another attack occurs it will be entirely due to this administration's suicidal dismantling of our defenses. If this reckless negligence is not treason then I don't know what is.

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  • No, Our people should be for having been ignorant enough to have voted for such an immoral man. But then again, leaders in a Democracy usually reflect the people in it, so they got just what they are and deserve. God bless.

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    Bush should have been the one, and his administration. Obama is trying to clean up this mess. He may not be able to, so we could be in some big trouble.

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    Please. If we have to abandon our principles, our constitution, our rule of law, the tradition that WE DO NOT TORTURE that goes all the way back to George Washington, if we have to abandon all that, then what is the point? All we become in that case is another one of the gangbangers fighting a turf war in an adolescent vengeance scenario.

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    ..."Barry" has already violated his Oath of Office ! He swore to "protect, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States".

    Just a few weeks ago, Barry refused to prosecute the murderer of the Sailors of the USS Cole, thus giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Barry needs to be arrested and prosecuted for TREASON !

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    i hope he does it. it will then show how pelosi and kennedy have lied to their constituents about what they knew. i have not seen one instance on here where anyone is calling for pelosi to be asked to step down, as she knew for the past seven years this was going on and then had the gall to lie about it this week. where is the outrage dems? why do you not scream for her to be impeached? the top dems knew and encouraged it. i am waiting my dem brothers.

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    So, you condone third world countries. I bet you were much happier under the Bush regime....seems people needed Bush to tell them how to think.

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