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Do girls care about what size bikes a guy rides?

such as the new 250, 600 or 1000?

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    Doubtful. They'd have to know what the 250, 600, 1000 means. They don't usually work on the 'bigger the number the faster it goes' line. Most have no clue, but the ones that do have a clue don't seem to particularly care. The biggest line drawn in the women I've seen is Harley/Cruiser girls and Sport bike girls. For no other real reasons than comfort and looks. Some of them like A. Some of them like B.

    Sport bikes may not be super comfortable for the pillion rider, but I also haven't seen a lot complain. *shrug*

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    Once again both yes and no. Phillip, is a idiot. Girls go for what looks cool to them. And or, bigger more power full bikes. The 250 is out, but the 600 and the 1000 are about the same. Brand and stile, are more important than just about anything. Does the bike excite her, does it make others jealous. Does she look hot on the bike, or look foolish. Look maybe, the most important thing. Girls hate, more than anything to look foolish. In front, of other girls. If the look of your bike is not up to her standreds, forget about it. How you look and how you look, on your bike also make a diffrents.

    After that, there is the riding. Riding is, fun. Some girls like the excitement of riding on a sport bike no matter what. They like the danger, of going to fast. Some girls, just like the excitement of the ride. Comfort does make a diffrents, but not always. My old riged was a hard ride, but my ex raerly complained.

    As far as brands go, there are only two brands. Harley's, and the rest. If you have a sport bike, she does not care what brand it is as long as it look good. Same goes with any other stile of bike, Honda, Yamaha, or what ever she doesn't care. But Harley's, well I've seen a whole lot of the hottest young girls. Riding behind the nastiest looking old guys, on the nastiest looking Harley's. I'm 45 and every year, I have some 20, something on the back of my Harley. For the summer riding season.

    Heck every year, I'll be sitting in traffic getting out of Summerfest. In a line of other bikes, and some girl asks to get on the back of my bike. These girls have there pick of a dozen, or more bikes sitting at that stop light. Mostly Harley's, but some sport bikes to. And i'm not the only, solo rider to pick from. I'm an old fat guy, not that great to look at either. Granted I'm a biker, not a m,motorcyclist. That's always good for a one nighter or two.

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    yes if your asking about a 250. but 600and up no way they all look the same to them unless she rides of course, but even then probably not becuase she is most likely riding a 600 as well. get a loud pipe and your good to go. ,

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    I suppose that depends on how shallow, or materialistic they are. What they should care about is:-

    a) Will this bike get this man to see me

    b) Will he be able to do so safely

    c) Can I trust him to drive safely with me on the back.

    If they care about the size of the bike, they will then care about the make of the bike, the colour, if you have full riding leathers, or are just a jeans and jacket rider.....

    Bro, stuff it. You ride what u can / want / can afford.

    Have fun

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    To be honest most ( if they are pillion riders) look at the size of rear seat that is there for them to sit on and so would you if you are thinking of the pillions comfort. There is nothing fun about sitting on your "coochie" for 50 miles getting that bumped and bruised and expecting to be the life and soul of the party. Also most girls have longer legs than us guys and being held in the squat position with your knees under your armpits is not conducive of a romantic evening.

    When riding bikes girls tend to look at more what they know they can handle and have a BETTER idea than most blokes as to what they are capable of.. Though most tend to under estimate and find that they could have gone bigger and more powerful than they thought But most are still conservative..

    And Guys The awful truth.......


    They just don't brag about it...

    very few female motorcyclists end up on the mortuary slab. Only when they have been a pillion behind one of us neanderthals. or knocked off a scooter that was way to small for their needs or abilities..

    Oh nd thanks for the negative votes and being called an idiot!!

    Well at least I'm not a BIGOT

    I ride an 850 modified for torque My wife a GSF1200 moded for power and a triumph spped triple955i as well as a ducati 800 monster.

    A GF of mine has a Kawasaki ER-6f and we ride out with a number of others guys and girls a number of the girls ride everything from fjr1300's CB900RR fireblades

    CBR600RR as well as Ninja 600 and 900's as well as gsxr1000's

    FEW if any of them will go pillion on a bike and none ride " because it looks good and matches my shoes" mentality that some of the other LUDITEs suggest.

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    Is she knows anything about bikes... I'd say yes. But are you riding for your own enjoyment or to impress the girls? Or both maybe?

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    ever since I switched to scooters I think so. 50cc's doesn't have the draw that liter bikes have.

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    "Does this make my butt look big?"


    Source(s): How the hell would I know the answer to your question? I'm a guy. I never had the size of my engine come into question. (Either one)
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