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How to be nice....

I'm in form 6 and I know this girl who's in form 1. Unfortunately, she doesn't mingle with her year that well and always has lunch with me and my friends. My friends don't really like it and to be frank, I don't feel comfortable with the fact too. What is a nice way to tell her that we don't want her having lunch with us?


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    ummmm @@,,

    is your form 1 friend close to your group??

    if she is close to your group, i think it will be quite.. disappointing to her@@

    but i guess that if your friends r not rly comfortable with that, you should encourage your form 1 friend to hang out with the people in her year more~ however, dont push her so hard and like ask her to not hang out with guys immediately coz that would rly hurt her feelings.. and im pretty sure that she has her own problems with the people in her year too. so i guess step by step and encourage her to make friendsss =)

    coz i was actually in the same situation before where my friend who's younger than me wanted to hang out with my friends and i.. n we started to feel uncomfortablee with that... n we actually said hurtful things to her,, like we said my friends and i were gonna graduate so we said that after we graduated, then you would have no friends to hang out with.. so we told her to kinda make friends with her year...after that, she kinda almost cried... got rly upset.. but she seemed to understand it.. and she made friends with other people... ended up pretty good =) but i mean.. that's rly lucky.. coz she's a pretty extroverted girl and she makes friends easily.. anyways that's enough of my story

    so encourage her step by step.. keeps things lightly~`` dont say the stuff all at once.. that's rly straight forward.. if you rly had to ask her to not hang out with you guys at lunch, you can try saying the stuff i said---say like option 1) " we might not always be able to have lunch with you( like busy n stuff) , so when that happens you should make new friends in your own year.. n then you have friends in your grade, then after we left (graduated) you wont be alone too =) ~ .. sryyy i guess that way kinda sucks.. but i cant rly think of stuff that's totally indirect~ i guess like try to encourage her friends first n ya =)

    hope that helps =)

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