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Dear XXX:

Thank you for your kind consideration of the following request.

Our company, Top Travel, was established in 1995. We provide full service travel arrangements and tours to approximately 20,000 people each year. We promise our customers worry-free vacations in quality hotels with reasonable prices.

We are interested in learning more about your company and whether there might be opportunities for us to work together to provide travel arrangements using your online reservation system and network of hotels.

I would appreciate it very much if someone from your company could contact me about this. I look forward to hearing from you with great pleasure.

PS: 我們的公司想和它合作(旅遊).. 該怎麼回覆呢??


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    Dear XXX:

    we are pleased to learn that you are choosing our company as your partner, I am sure that this is the opportinuty for both of us.

    My company, xxx travel, was established in 19xx. We are a reputed travel agen in Taiwan. I believed that is the reason why you have learned us.

    If you can call me by this number xxxxxxxxx, or you can give me your number so that I can have someone call you.

    We are looking forward seeing you soon.

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    所以您必須找專人與該旅遊公司聯絡的負責人, 回覆他.

    Dear Mr. or Ms_____,

    或Dear Whom it may concern,

    This is_____(負責人) from _____(你公司名稱). I would like to cooperate with you, and please kindly advice your suggested schedules for our reference.

    Thank you so much.

    best regards,

    __________ (負責人名)


    ___________(聯絡方式: 最好有英文地址, Tel#, Fax# & email add.)

    以上只是一個開端, 意思是說 要跟該旅遊公司合作, 請他提出建議的行程並與貴司該聯絡人聯絡~


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