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While it is crucial to start cutting the wastage at our power stations, that doesn't take the onus off the rest of us. Domestic usage accounts for 15 per cent of the UK's carbon emissions. A proportion of this can be cut out by very simple changes to our lives, like switching our light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs, turning off all appliances when we aren't using them, fitting insulation in the loft, and so on.

But we can go further. Decentralising our energy system enables homes to become power stations. By installing small scale solar or wind generators we can generate our own power; we could even sell our excess power to our neighbours through the national grid.



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    當開始削減副產品在我們的發電站時是關鍵的,那不採取責任我們其餘的人。 國內用法佔英國的碳放射的15%。 此的比例可以由非常對我們的生活的簡單的變動刪去,像交換我們的電燈泡對省能源的電燈泡,關閉所有器具,當我們不使用他們時,適合绝緣材料在頂樓,等等。

    但我們可以進一步去。 分權我們的能源系統使家成為發電站。 通過安裝小規模太陽或造風機我們可以產生我們自己的力量; 我們可能甚而賣我們的剩餘力量對我們的鄰居通過全國柵格。

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