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Does the Craigslist Killer seems more like a serial killer than a robber?

He attacked another woman AFTER he killed. He attacked one BEFORE he killed. He collected panties as souvenirs. From this lay person's view it seems that money was a secondary object.

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    it was.he probably would have went on to rape and murder at some point, but i don't think he intended to start it with the one he killed.i think that was a screw up on his part.i have been saying it from day one that he mirrors ted bundy in so many ways.

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    I think he got caught up in the thrill of getting away with it. Like once you start you can't go back so you might as well keep going. Yea it is sick that people can snap like that and you don't know who to trust these days. He looks like an average guy too.

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    You're correct. He does appear to be. He sure did live a private life when I read where his fiance did not have a clue to all of this.

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    all of the above.He had a gambling addict Messed up guy...yet smart.

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