What Does Pot Look Like, Smell Like, Etc.?

My one friend sold me a joint at school for $2. I am new to the pot thing. I haven't had a chance to smoke it yet because they haven't left the house yet. So can someone please tell me what it looks like, smells like, etc. So I know that it is the real stuff.
Update: When I tasted a bit it tasted kinda... I can't explain, well It looks like oregeno, but doesnt taste like it. When I chewed a bit and spit it out it looked dark green mush, it has a strong scent.
Update 2: And no, I'm not an R-tard for tasing it, I know your pose to smoke it. I was just curious bout the taste.
Update 3: Oh yeah, and its a small ****** joint, bout 1 inch long
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