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School shooting??? (im scared)?

ok im in a middle school infested with gangs the blacks and mexicans rival each other the mexican gangs are targeting me and im thinkin about joining a gang for protection any advice

*PS: i cant leave the school and i cant call the police because then every gang would target me for being a snitch they also bring weapons...

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    Discuss this with your parents, perhaps you can get a transfer into another school or a waiver to another district, provided they can get you to and from school. My initial question is where do you live. Middle Schools here and in most places, have check points and metal detectors that children must pass through upon entering the school everyday. So where are the weapons kept. Secondly most middle and high schools have at least one policeman on campus if no where else near the main entrance at morning and after school lets out. The officer usually stays in the office or some administrative area during school hours.

    Joining a gang may sound good to you at the moment, for protection or back up, but in the end they will put demands on you to be a team player, which may involve things you don't want to do. You could end up a victim even if your in a gang. You could end up in trouble with the law. I teach my children to stand on their own two feet. Don't start trouble, but don't kiss any ones___. Be a gang of one, only the weak need a group to feel strong, the true strong people stand on their feet, and make their own decisions. That being said you obvisoulsy can't physically fight gangs 1 on 10 I get that part.

    Talk with your parents, they can talk to the school and even people at the board of education to work on a tranfer or waiver to another district, until then avoid conflict, living to fight another day does not make you weak, it makes you smart.

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    First of all I'm sorry that you have to re live those memories can't you go to a different school? I'm not sure what you should do besides go to a different school or seek counseling it sounds like your having anxiety issues or PTSD which is very understandable considering your basically reliving that memory I would be scared to it crosses my mind every now and then I'm in college to and my kids are in school and I think well what if but if you live everyday thinking what if you'll get no where all I can say is good luck and hopefully you can seek counseling and work through your fear.

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    Be neutral. If you join a gang you will probably not make it past 20. If you do, you'll probably be a hooker or a stripper. If you actually make it past 40 you'll look like an 80 year old hag. Don't join gangs, it seems nice but you'll never have a good life.

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    I think you are sensitive man and if you develope your guts you will fair far. Be couragious and strong but do not join the gang if you do so you will regret for life (who knows even after life!).

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    This is the schools responsibility.

    Talk to your parents and have them share your fears and concerns with the school authorities. If things are that bad, I'm sure your not the only kid with fears and complaints.

    Parents should take the matter up with the school and local authorities collectively.

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