Felony Charges how much trouble does it look like im in? honestly?

alright i got drunk one night and needed a ride home so i got in with a friend of mine who decided he wanted to steal a car radio.... so we end up on a huge chevy dealership and we drove right in we get out and he gets into a truck that has the keys in it! he starts it up and attempts to move it i screamed and said he was an idiot and he stopped but wouldnt move the car back! i moved the car back and got out and headed back to the truck while the idiot took the seat covers out! what an idiot??? then the cops show up before we leave the lot!?

now im being charged with felony theft and felony burglery?

I didnt break anything or steal anything?

how much trouble do you honestly think im looking at? im a first time offender who is accepted into k-state in the fall for football, i have a bright future except this one mistake? I am 18 though :(

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    Likely the auto dealership will want to pursue the case and the prosecutor will happily go along with it.

    Depending on where you live, more dangerous and busier areas get off lighter, and if your background is good you will get some type of probation upon conviction.

    You will likely be offered a short term of probation for a guilty plea on possible lesser offense(s). Listen to your attorney and take the plea if reasonable. It could be as little as misdemeanor theft and damage to property.

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    First time offenders usually don't get much more than community service and have to pay restitution. Talk to your lawyer, you may be able to plea bargain the felony part dropped to a class 3 misdemeanor. Be honest and don't hold back information from your lawyer as well, and, don't offer more to the Police or Judge than what they ask for. Good luck, you may be in some deep poo, but it's something your just going to have to go through. As for your future, choose your friends and activities a bit more carefully.

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    feels like there is extra to this tale than you're sharing... like why were you going into someone elses door? besides..wish youve were given an exceptional criminal specialist because having that on your list will result this manner of job you'll get. Im a manager for a replica shop and that i dont employ felons

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    You will need a very good attorney to plead your case. These are serious charges. You need new friends. Good luck to you.

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    look to the answers above for what to do...

    But as for your future, its going to be seriously damaged... no longer so bright.

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    pick new friends to hang out with

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    your ******..... choose better friends next time.

    Source(s): law enforcement class
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