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swine flu - could I have it? Spent Spring Break in Mexico.?

I'll try my best to explain. I was in Mexico during Canada's Spring Break (March 27-April 5 or so...) and the American one was the week after. And the cases for the swine flu are in America, and it doesn't say when those people were in Mexico. I was wondering if it's a possibilty I could have it? I don't have patches on my throat, so the doctor doesn't think it's mono, and I know it's not pneumonia cause I'm not coughing anything up. I'm just concerned...


lol it's been passed from pigs to humans somehow, so don't call me gross.

i've already seen the doctor twice. the first time she gave me anti biotics (which arent helping) and swabbed my throat and i got a blood test today.

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    Its past 20 days... well, most likely not from your last trip...

    Do you have any symptoms? If yes, see MD - you can ask your MD to run few tests to r/o all that - PCR or immunofluorescence test (e.g., DFA or IFA).

    p.s. RELAX; you feel fine; in any way, AH1N1 that causes that is curable with drugs that we have here in the US (thank GOD - and our scientist).


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    i have a question for your question

    isn't a swine a pig?

    think about it

    how can you get the flu from a pig..

    unless well.


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