where do coast guard sleep every night? is it is a house or a boat?

where do coast guard sleep every night? is it in a house or a boat?

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    This totally depends upon the type of unit you are with and what they are doing at the time.

    On a cutter, when the cutter is at home port (and you don't have duty), you will be home, either in a barracks room or in an apartment. When you are underway, you will be sleeping in a rack on board the cutter.

    At a Search and Rescue station, if you are on duty, you will be in a bed at the station - unless you are called out and have to be on the boats to do search and rescue or something. If you aren't on duty, you will be at home in your own bed (same deal - either barracks or apartment).

    Other types of units will be similar to a Search and Rescue station.

    Source(s): I'm a Coast Guard Senior Chief Petty Officer.
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    building on Malruhn's answer . . . The crews assigned to Marine Safety Units, Electronic Support Detachments or Units, District Offices, and Sector offices go home to their houses/apartments at the end of their 7:30-4:00 workday.

    USCG is kind like a hospital in that not everyone works on a cutter/ship or small boat search and rescue station. Just like at a hospital, not everyone has contact with patients.

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    The guys at sea....... sleep on the boats

    The guys on land sleep at the Coast Guard Station

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