Okay so i opened the ATF oil only reservoir in my 2004 325ci and there was brown liquid, is this normal?

the atf oil only reservoir which im pretty sure is the power steering fluid tank, had brown liquid in it, is this normal or is it possible that some idiot at the dealer put in regular motor oil into it?

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    The reddish hue of new ATF degrades with time and use into something like you mentioned (brownish). And motor oil in itself when new is not brown in color but yellowish. You can easily check if it is ATF by checking the viscosity (thickness) of the supposed ATF. It should be thinner by a fraction compared to engine oil.

    My suggestion is just to have your power steering fluid flushed/replaced. No need to go chasing a ghost that may not be there.

    Power steering fluid should be replaced preferably every two years.

    This cheap service item when neglected can cost you approximately $1500. in steering rack repairs.

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    some times the engine makes moister and can cause this to happen. your talking about the cap if you are that normal but if the oil gats brown that means you got water in the oil and thats not normal.

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