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When colon cancer has spread to lungs and liver & treatment is stopped how long can a person live?

My dad has had colon cancer for maybe 5 years now, the last 5 years through this his health has been up and down and up and down. To make a very long story short he is now at the point where the cancer has spread to his lungs and liver, and can not handle anymore chemo, surgeries, or any treatments. His oncologist says he wants to just keep him "comfortable". Right now my dad seems to be doing and feeling alright. Which is shocking to me because his CEA is 1,300. Four weeks ago it was about 1,075. And and x-ray yesterday showed the leasions on his lungs. His only complication is a cough and some diarrhea. How long can this last? What does a CEA level that is this high really mean?

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    I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question,

    but I wish you and your dad good luck.

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    Hello. So sorry to hear. My mother died 5 months after the cancer spread. ( She was 82) Then again I have an uncle who is now ( Or will be 90 in May 09 ) 89 and he had colon cancer at age 81. He's doing fine. Each person is different. Good luck to you and family.

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    It depends, actually.

    It depends on how far the cancer has reached and how it affects his organs, everyone is different.

    Tell your Dad to keep a positive outlook, as it helps slow down the growth. The mind can do a lot over the body.

    Maybe he could try herbal treatment? It may help him feel a little better.

    I'm really sorry about your father, God bless.

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    Well my aunt just passed away from cancer, it had spread to all of her major organs it was probably like 3 months, I'm really sorry I know what your going through it's tough. Stay Strong.

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    not long, but the length depends on the person and their willingness to live. anywhere from 10 days to several months

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    Kim, I'm sorry. That level means that growth is occurring. We'll all be praying for your father.

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    I am sorry but the prognosis does not look great. Hey, but who are we to say anything, it is all in HIS HANDS. Good luck.

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