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Why are some conservatives criticizing Obama for allowing abortion when it was legal under Bush too?

I see many "how can obama allow the killing of the babies but love the terrorist" questions, as if abortion wasn't legal before. Guess what, there were plenty of abortions during the Bush regime, and plenty before that, since it became legal in 1973. Why are some people acting like abortion is Obama's fault and it didn't happen before he became president?


Romey, its not like he's going to pregnant women and telling them to abort or handing out Free Abortion Vouchers for fun. And partial birth abortion is only used when its necessary to save the mothers life, but I guess some people don't value the mothers life at all. Sad.

Update 2:

The point is, if someone definately wanted an abortion, she would be able to get it whether it was during the Bush or Obama presidency. Obama didn't suddenly "open the door" for abortions.

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    Great question. And unfortunately, your answers thus far are just another perfect example of the conservative mantra, aren't they? Don't kill the unborn but once you're here your life is worth nothing if somebody wants to claim you are a terrorist. No hypocrisy there, is there?

    Once those babies are born, they are fair game for whatever political agenda wants to do to them. It is really nauseating to see this over and over again. Would they feel that way if it was their kid whose name was turned over for a bounty and then was tortured?

    Abortion is and has been legal since the early 70's. Get over it people and stop posting BS about Obama and partial birth. You are only perpetuating a LIE. Do the research and read the testimony that this lie was connected to. It's all out there in actual government testimony. Of course, you won't, cause you really don't have the interest to know the truth. You are just a bunch of scared little sheep who don't think for yourselves or want to learn anything, so you listen to religious crackpots like Dobson lie and lie and lie and you wonder how this country ever came to this place. Pathetic.

    The ONLY things Obama has changed since he took office was to allow stem cell research, remove restrictions on birth control, and the most recent approval of the morning after pill for 17 year olds ONLY.

    This country is in deep trouble, I guess it is okay for us to torture and murder in the name of national security. We've been doing it since this country was founded. Nothing new here - move on.

    I've been arguing this topic since early last summer when Dobson came out with the lies that spawned this whole conservative attack. Sorry I'm so cranky - you are absolutely right on this.

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    Wow... seriously? Everyone is criticizing Obama because he is PRO abortion. Bush was ANTI-abortion.. what don't you get about that? And are you aware of what kind of abortions your president is okay with? Not only does he condone good old fashioned "oops, I missed my period abortions" he also condones killing a FETUS when the first round of the abortion process fails. He is okay with removing a living child from it's mother's womb, and killing it. How can you possibly be okay with that? HOW? If you are a woman who isn't ready to have children- DON'T HAVE CHILDREN. Plain and simple. If you don't want to have kids- DONT HAVE SEX. And if you decide to have sex anyway- be prepared to suffer the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy. And if you ARE ready to have babies- you need to be ready and willing to do ANYTHING for those babies- even give your life. Lots of women are told their pregnancy is "high risk" and follow through with it anyway. Its not about valuing the mothers life, its about the mother valuing the life that she has inside her, that SHE created. And the fact that nobody gets that.... that is whats sad. And you're right, women were able to get abortions during the Bush presidency- but Bush never condoned it like Obama.

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    Actually they did, but we are aware that Bush is no longer president, Obama is. We were warned about the 9-11 attack in 1996, the president at the time dismissed the idea. You want to talk about that memo, it didn't mention any targets or the way the attack was going to be launched. It had the same sort of value telling FDR in 1941 that the japanese were going to attack somewhere in the Pacific. The "false information" was told to us all thru the 90s, by the democrats. The patriot act was aimed at enemies of the US, Now it has been directed at citizens of the Country, who's only "crime" is that they disagree with the president. The "economic downturn" didn't start until the democrats took over congress. Bush warned us about the Housing bubble, the democrats in congress chose to disregard the warning. Obama has had 5 years to turn the economy around, he did. In the wrong direction.

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    Because he is 100% in favor of the killing of babies, even quoted in an interview that if one of his girls ever got in trouble like that he wants the option out there so their punishment isn't a baby. Bush didn't promote abortion like Obama does, big difference! I don't think Roe v Wade will ever be overturned by any president regardless of their affiliation but people should be responsible and not use it as a form of birth control and we don't need the POTUS justifying their right to kill an unborn child.

    And at the same time he is all for killing babies he wants to make sure he treats terrorists with the utmost respect. There is a big difference whether you want to open your eyes and see it or not, it's in plain view.

    Partial birth abortion is not used to save the life of the mother in most cases, furthermore the government actually IS funding abortion vouchers for people to get abortions and they are calling them gift certificates from family planning which is just sick, and they are also sending money overseas so MY TAX MONEY can pay for abortions performed there. That didn't happen when Bush was in. And he doesn't have to go up to women and tell them that, if these women have a TV they have seen him say it many times. And as far as the life of the mother, if the mother is in danger abortion is justified, but when some irresponsible person fails to protect themselves and decides to murder their mistake it should be an issue.

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  • Anonymous
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    news break partial birth abortions are not just used to save the mother you need to do some research ! Bush did not condone abortion, he couldn't change the law alone you no there is that whole congress thing that passes the laws !

    it is amazing how libs are so worried about discomfort for terrorist but will condone the murder of mistakes ! Our spec forces are water boarded as part of training !

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    Because Obama is PRO Abortion to the extreme- if a woman is 8 months & 29 days pregnant he wants them to be able to have a partial birth abortion- basically killing a baby that could live outside the womb.

    Yet he doesn't want to waterboard terrorists to stop a terrorist attack. There is something wrong with this picture don't you think. Also funding abortions for overseas?? Why would we want to pay for that?

  • Anonymous
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    The current law follows a Supreme Court case, the subject of which now speaks out against abortion.

    The president has no constitutional power concerning the matter.


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    The Right have tried to make abortion an issue for nearly 40 years. I believe Roe was decided in 1973.

    edit: How can someone be the "most pro abortion"? One either supports the right to legal abortion or one does not. Its not a matter of degrees. This sort of overwrought verbosity is typical of the pro life tactics on this issue.

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    Because Obama is the most pro abortion president in history. Also because he is sending money to foreign countries and allowing them to use it for abortion. Personally i think the voters of each state should get to decide what restrictions if any or placed on abortion

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    He has moved to do the following:

    1 - Expand stem cell research (Bush restricted this)

    2 - Remove the protection of doctors who make a choice of conscience and refuse to perform abortions.

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