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How did Jesus die for our sins?

Ok im somewhat a a little skeptic. i have many questions about the bible and jesus and stuff. somthing i really dont understand is , how did jesus die for our sins? i dont understand how someone dies and our sins go away??!! y didnt they do reconiliation how we do now, why did "Jesus" die???

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  • Paul
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    God requires two things because of our sins....

    (1) Death........Rom 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Death paid the price for our sins......

    (2) Shedding of innocent blood.......Heb 9:22 And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.

    Blood washed away the sins...

    This is the requirements for sin that God set down from the foundations of the earth.

    However, He also knew that our blood was sinful, and we did not have the power to conquer death, so we could never pay for our sins.

    Only God is eternal (thus He could pay for all sins for all mankind for all eternity)

    Since God is spirit, He has the power to conquer death (thus giving us the hope of the resurrection)

    God is sinless (thus allowing Him to die and pay the price for our sins).

    But, before God could do that, He had to be flesh and blood. This is why He came to earth and was born as a human. This allowed Him to (1) die (which He could not do as God)

    (2) shed His blood (which He did not have as God)

    However, there was a problem. The blood is passed from Father to child (not mother). So, God could not have an earthly Father. Thus, He "spoke" and Mary became pregnant, thus getting around the "father" problem.

    Then He died on the cross, spilling every drop of His blood and paying the price for our sins. He then declaired that "all sins" were paid for, and now the only thing anyone will ever go to Hell for is the rejection of God's gift.

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  • Josh G
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    Take a look around. the curses are rolling in full force. No sins were paid for.

    It is symbolism for the cursed sinners of fallen Israel.

    I will explain.

    God makes a rule and he sticks to it otherwise he would be unrighteous.

    When God said he would send war as a curse and the prophets said the God would send horsemen of war, it happened. Only if the people choose death and rebel against the law will the Horse be immaculately conceived of the word of God and the law.

    In Hebrew the word for God's Horse is Ysus. Jesus' name is actually pronounced Ysus.

    Jesus is born in a barn and laid where animals feed.

    Sinners are considered no better than animals.

    The word in Hebrew for rebellion is "mary"

    According to the law if you choose death and don't do the law, you received curses and death.

    In the bible blood is considered life, as you cannot eat an animal with its blood/life in it but must drain it out.

    In the OT the first begotten son is Israel.

    So follow the symbolism.

    By Mary (Rebellion) the Ysus (punishment horse of God) is immaculately conceived of the word to pay (make sinners pay) for all men's (the audience is Jews) sins by the shedding of blood (death and curses) of the first begotten son (Israel).

    Because Jesus also tested as the false prophet of Deuteronomy 13 that will give miracles but try to mislead Israel to see if the learned the laws and love God. Those who fail the test and those that are sinners are the only ones that a punisher will be interested in. Jesus only wanted sinners and turned those that passed his test away and back to the law. Jesus said he came to bring war on the vile generation and to burn up the chaff which is sinners.

    "To separate between the living (choose life and do the law) and the dead (choose death and don’t do the law).

    Thus as a whole the community of Israel descendants are paying for all their sins by bloodshed and war, the very type you see in the news. Why?- because we failed and we see a man-god placed before the true God.

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    Technically there was no difference with his death than any other person who the Aztecs please a god. And if everything is true as to what a book says, than he committed the ultimate sin in achieving his mission...he committed suicide by allowing himself to be killed and sacrificed. Its rediculous to even think that there is some humanoid god being (superman) out there that has and never will show their face, yet demands worship...then to consider that Jesus was the only "special" person ever...there was Krishna, Brahm, Buddha and a few more...ever heard of Avatars? And if there are indeed avatars, then there are also Devas (evil seeds with evil or bad intent)

    To come straight out...there is no such thing as a "Sin" It is a man-made word to degrade others who think different or to speak down to people...just like any other slur used: N!&&$r, M#c, Ch&*K, or wet catching on..hell, even the word pagan is thrown out when infact it was an actual religion to just call anyone who believes in something different than what you do a pagan is incorrect...

    Divine inspiration my @$$...

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    There is a legal issue:

    1. Adam the first man lost perfect life for all mankind and brought us into sin, imperfection, and death Romans 5:12

    2. Blood is the life sustaining fluid in all human life

    and is viewed as sacred from the standpoint of God.

    3. Adam lost man's inability to communicate with God so a ransom

    price which would set the legal matter based on the Mosaic Law

    had to be paid for what was lost perfection (free from sin).Romans

    6:23 eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.

    4: Being the lamb of God (symbolic) sacrifice represent what Adam

    lost and what Jesus Christ restored balanced the scales of Justice

    according to Gen 3:15 and a lamb without blemish was required from the High Priest under Mosaic Law to atone for sin.

    Shedding blood was a requirement for sin atoneing sacrifice under the "Mosaid Law.

    Even Abel offered up blood which was a better

    sacrifice that than of Cain his Brother which he offered vegetables.

    Blood paid the price for sin, Jesus as the lamb willingly allowed himself to be put to death shedding his blood which redeems all mankind. Shed blood of a perfect man is what releases us from sin and death., Therein Jesus shed his blood which represented his life since "the blood is in the life and the life is in the blood.: Redeeming or restoring mankind to the reconciliation of God Jehovah in full, this which Adam lost causing and condemning all to sin and death. The 2nd Adam Jesus Christ restore perpetually once for all time. It is called Atonement.

    Jesus died on a torture stake . Which the scriptures says "We must all carry our torture stake daily and follow after Jesus Christ."

    Source(s): The Bible unadulterated and true
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  • Anonymous
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    Hebrews 9:22  And by the law almost all things are made clean with blood, and without blood there is no forgiveness.

    23  ¶For this cause it was necessary to make the copies of the things in heaven clean with these offerings; but the things themselves are made clean with better offerings than these.

    24  For Christ did not go into a holy place which had been made by men's hands as the copy of the true one; but he went into heaven itself, and now takes his place before the face of God for us.

    25  And he did not have to make an offering of himself again and again, as the high priest goes into the holy place every year with blood which is not his;

    26  For then he would have undergone a number of deaths from the time of the making of the world: but now he has come to us at the end of the old order, to put away sin by the offering of himself.

    27  And because by God's law death comes to men once, and after that they are judged;

    28  So Christ, having at his first coming taken on himself the sins of men, will be seen a second time, without sin, by those who are waiting for him, for their salvation.

    Source(s): Bible in Basic English
  • Anonymous
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    The Romans executed Jesus as an insurrectionist. He did not die for anyone's sins. He died because it was Roman policy that when someone stuck their heads up, cut them off.

    The Old Testament itself refutes the claims of the Apostle Paul that Jesus died in our place but stating emphatically that our sins are on our own heads and someone else cannot be punished for someones sins. Think it through. If Jesus was a righteous and perfect man, how can he be punished for crimes he did not commit? How is that just? Moreover, Jesus was not an acceptable sacrifice to the Israelite god because the Israelite god specifically forbade human sacrifice. Jesus was unjustly executed as a criminal by pagans, not sacrificed for anyone's sins.

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    The perfect man, Adam, (along with Eve), introduced sin to the rest of mankind. That sin created a debt that only a perfect man could repay. By remaining sinless and then suffering the wage that sin pays, Jesus repaid that debt.

  • Anonymous
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    It's normal to ask questions about how, what and why or if everything of this is all true!! am a Catholic and sometimes i do ask these type of questions to myself and most of the time i find it difficult to understand all of this!!! all i can tell you that this is the mystery of God and another plain answer i can give you is that he died in order to show us his love.

    N.B. probably after all the answers you'll get from here you still haven't got the desired answer, but through the process of life and the ups and downs you'll see that some divine God exists somewhere.

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    You know, I also wonder why eve got the pain of childbirth and adam just had to be the hunter. I also wonder why there seems to be so much violence and hypocracy in Christianity.

    The Bible specifically says that we are not supposed to worship in public, to not pray in public. Those that do, the Bible calls hypocrites.

    I dont understand why God had to kill his own son to get rid of our sin.

    If God can do anything why would he kill his son? Couldn't he have just opened the gates?

    Besides, isn't suicide against the Bible? (God was Jesus yea I get it)

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    1st we need to understand what sin is.

    The transgression of God's law is sin (1 John 3:4), and the result of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Basically, we live because God imparts us His life. But when we die, the breath of life returns to him (Ecclesiastes 12:7).

    When Jesus died on the cross, he suffered our death, which is eternal separation from God, or the second death (Revelation 20:14).

    And by doing this, the Holy Spirit can live within us and give us eternal life.

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