My password can't be reset online ,For security reasons, we require you to contact Customer Care?

Suddenly I am not able to access my account, I was online the whole night, by the next day I tried to log in several times but it kept saying

"The password you entered is incorrect try again to re-enter it or Click sign in problems if you have forgotten your ID or Password

(81003002) <- I am interested there is a story behind these Numbers

but I cant figure out..Anyway I went to try log in my mail account with the same use ID and PW..But I got the same result

so I went to sign in problems trying to reset my password online ,

((We'll help you sign in to Yahoo ))

And it asks you type your main yahoo ID

(( My Yahoo! ID isEXAMPLE: johnsmith -or- -or-

Enter the code shown EXAMPLE ->(( DND89ue9 ))

Interestingly when I type my yahoo ID correct and follow the CAPTHA .THE CODE , it says

Sorry, your password can't be reset online

For security reasons, we require you to contact Customer Care

If you used an alias or profile name, we recommend that you try again with the Yahoo! ID associated with the alias. If not, you can contact Customer Care to help reset your Yahoo! password.

Contact Customer Care

Know that I didnt use an Alias - I typed my exact and main yahoo ID.

Know that I did not forget or mispilled my password .

This issue is quite unique cause its not simply locked by entering the wrong password for 10 or 12 times .

cause normaly when someone locks your ID by entering the the wrong password for around 10 or 12 times , it will only lock your ID for about 6 to 12 hours only!

And You can usually re-activate your account again with out waiting for another 12 hours by tryin to log in on a different yahoo server


I went on and tried to log in with my account on all yahoo servers ..NOTHING works

I asked people around , I was told that maybe its executed "someone has terminated my YAHOO ACCOUNT database on all yahoo servers so its no LONGER THERE!??!

Thats also not true.

I thought that maybe if yahoo Messanger doesnt allow me log on my user name with my password , then I should try log in on YAHELITE messanger. Yahelite is just another Msnger service that supports yahoo


PASSWORD ****************


1 (please be patient while Yahoo processes your login request)

2 - Chat server [] response OK in ~3887 ms

3 *** Login failed BECAUSE > ((the account is locked))

Receive Ended

So its deffinitely not a complete execution for the ID datebase on the yahoo servers

the good side of the story is . when ever that happens to you??

Dont worry . it doesnt mean that someone else have your password and can access to your account information.

As for what I know It is only locked , and no body can have access to it .

i contacted customer service 5 times now .

they ask you to varify your details and informations about your id

n once you do that they auto mail you back sayin we will contact u in the next 24 hours .

After 5 times of sending them emails about my issue

I got a one response and it wasnt really much of a help

I was refered to a yahoo guest link to log in again with my yahoo ID AND PW and reset my PW..but even that yahoo guest link kept giving INVALID ID OR PASSWORD.

please if you have more information about this issue , SHARE EM online

thank you "


Some one may have gotten your account information and hacked into the accounts and changed the passwords and other security questions and answers. ?

Normaly when someone changes ur PW & account info , you go to forgot my password page CLICK "4got my PW then Next - U type your ID And security code n then it lets you in to try answering your security priavate questions.

EXAMPLE go forgot my password page . try type user ID , s_possessed

code number ( example DUWXu10 )

click next n the page displays your data questions such as date of birth question n all .

In my case when you go type my User ID. "yawveh" n then type the secuirty code. n click next! the page doesnt disclose. it must be something else

it must be locked!?

anything else ? please share.

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    Some one may have gotten your account information and hacked into the accounts and changed the passwords and other security questions and answers.

    You can contact service representative and ask them about the account.

    Yahoo! Mail Technical Help Form

    Yahoo! Customer Service


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