Help on Need for Speed Prostreet?

Please give me step by step instructions for your recommendations for grip, drift, drag, and speed races. Please include car choice, tuning, upgrades, and driving tips if possible. Thanks for your help! I especially need help on wheelie competitions. If it matters, I have it on Wii.

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    alright you asked alot so ill do my best

    DRAG: i prefer any mustang tuned to high acceleration. to win just get good shifts for like the first 3, which r quick shifts, then use nitro to get to 4 or 5 (it doesnt matter when as long as its after the first few). for wheelie, get a rear wheel drive car, and remove its spoiler and make it not aerodynamic. then make the back tires bigger (idk it just helps) and make sure you shift perfectly. if your nose is going down use your nitro.

    GRIP: i have always used the mitshubishi lancer evo (the one tht rio uses) tune it to how you like it, personally i like sharp corning, not drifting around them. this section is pretty much up to u. for winning i often use other cars as my bumpers. around corners, if im not in 1st, i try to hit the car in front of me when hes just taking the turn. this allows me to get a great turn, and it messes up them. if hitting them isnt possible, hopefully because your in 1st, then brake heavily becaue you dont want to hit the wall, then use nitro stronly after the turn.

    DRIFT: this is my favorite. i use a rx7, and it owns. i highly reccommend it and tune it for very little grip on the tires, and high acceleration and low top speed (because your always taking corners). to get lots of points be away of the bonuses. you get hundreds of bonus points for: high speed drifts, nitro drifts, perfect runs, and staying on the track.

    SPEED: this is what i think is the hardest race. i use a lamborgini murcialago. really any high end car will work though. to win, dont go all out right away, be content in the back or middle of the pack. the biggest danger isnt the other racers, its totalling your car. so when there is a straight a-way, or easy section, make your move with nitro and then play it safe until the next easy section. one your way by, try to knock cars off the road, you will probaly slow them down considerably.

    OVERALL: the mitshubishi evo is great and relativly cheap car. its great for grip, but can be used in everything if money is tight. remember to use other opponants cars to your advantage. and always tune your car for the job at hand, e.g. a speed car tuned for high speed and super strong tire grip would fail miserably as a drift car. hope i help!!!

    Source(s): i have every need for speed game since underground 2 (most wanted undercover, carbon, prostreet,)
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    DRAG : I recommend that you should use the Pagani Zonda (If you have lots of money), or you can use the Shelby GT and Max out the performance, but for the Wheelie competition I recommend that you should use the RX-7 and max out the performance, because after you max out the car, the car will have only around 500bhp which is best for Wheelie; but if you use the Shelby GT or Pagani Zonda for wheelie it won't work unless you get the perfect launch and it is difficult to get, because their engines are too strong. After all, I believe you should use Shelby GT or Pagani Zonda for normal drag and RX-7 for Wheelie competition.

    Drift: For drift, you should use the 350Z, RX-8 and Infinity G35. You should upgrade the engine of the car to level 3 and suspension and control to level 4. If you upgrade the engine to level 4, the engine will be too strong for drifting and your car will hit into walls easily, but if you can control the car well you can upgrade the engine to level 4. One more thing is that you need to keep your ride height low to earn more handling, but if too low it will be difficult to control.

    Grip: For grip, you should use the Lancer EVO or the Skyline GT-R Proto type. Both cars are very easy to control and their engine's power is more than 700bhp if you max out the car with level 4 engine parts, you can also tune the "Start engine boost" to strong and "End engine boost" to strong and your car's engine will be more than 1000bhp.

    Speed: For speed you should also use the Lancer EVO and Murcielago. They're fast and easy to control at high speed.

    Hope this will help you.

    Source(s): I used those cars and beat the game easily.
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