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Are there direct flights between any big city of the US and Puerto Rico?How much would a flight cost?

I am from Europe

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    Yes. You can travel direct to San Juan, PR from lots of cities in the US. New york, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago and more. A roundtrip flight like this from the eastern US will cost about 180-600 $US for coach. I paid $290 for R/T between Phila. and PR for May 2009 using Orbitz.

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    There are a lot of flights between cities of the West Coast and also Atlanta, Dallas, and other cities to PR.

    Cost of a flight varies with several factors: city, time of the year, airline company, tourist vs first class, how much time in advance you order the tickets...

    If you are from Europe, then go to New York and then take a flight to Puerto Rico (airport code SJU).

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    I took a direct flight from Los Angeles to San Juan last year. It was a 6 hour flight.

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    there are hundreds of flights a week from the US East Coast to Puerto Rico........go to any travel web site and type in JFK for Kennedy airport New York, or BOS for Boston, or MIA fro Miami and SJU for San Juan PR and you'll get hundreds of options with prices ranging from 400 to 1200 US$.

    Flights are about 3 1/2 hours and Miami FL is no closer to San Juan than New York or Atlanta

    Source(s): 35 years in the Caribbean
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    It varies per airline and location. I have a direct flight from the DC area to San Juan and it cost $260 round trip.

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    Go to Any major travel website. Select the city you want to travel FROM in the US TO SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (SJU). I prefer using sites like, farecast.com or kayak.com. You'll see the results.

    Source(s): I live in the states, but my family is from PR. So I go down there once a month.
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    $400!!! what?!! You can definitely find something cheaper..depending where you are at..I went from orlando to San Juan and It cost me 263.00 roundtrip. :-) Check out hotwire.com

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