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Playoff time!! What's your prediction for the finals?

Everyone is saying Lakers vs. Cavs, Lakers win it all. I'm a Celtics fan soo I disagree haha, but w/e what's your prediction for the finals?

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    Cavs vs. Spurs. Cavs Win in 4 Games.

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    I'm a Laker fan and would love to see the Lakers vs. Celtics as a redemption rematch, but Cleveland looks unstoppable. LBJ might even win the MVP this season. However, the Lakers will probably beat the Cavs in 6.

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    Definately Cleveland vs. LA. The cavs are on fire and there is no stopping them. They are a force to recon with. Mike Brown and Lebron did a awesome job building this team and they will go all the way this year. They only have "One Goal", and that's to win the Championship. If you've never been to a Cavs game, it is one of the most extreme experiences I've ever felt in my life! I hated sports untill I attended a Cavs game. They thrive on energy and as long as it's there, they are going to continue to win. Sorry everyone else. This is our year!

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    Cavs VS Lakers

    Cavs win in 6

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    hey i have said this before its the year cleveland sports teams win titles first off it starts off with the cavaliers then indians then in a few years the browns so i predict CAVS vs L A (FAKERS) opps i mean lakers in the finals cavs win in 4 and then LBJ =MVP

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    Lakers Vs CAVS

    Because Boston Have NO KG

  • Cavaliers vs Lakers

    Lakers in 6

  • 4 years ago

    Pistons Win Over Suns

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    I like the celtics

    but I don't think they're gonna make it this year

    Im hoping the jazz will advance

    but its most likely gonna be Lakers vs. Cavs


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    lol...some fools over here want to get 10 points really badly so they decided to go with ur fav team as this year's winners...what a joke....its most probably gonna be Lakers vs not sure who wil win it all

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