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Why do people blame craigslist for murder since it was the murderer`s fault?

.......just like guns. They blame guns for crime when it`s the criminals fault. If criminals were controlled better and not let go in and out of prison and they have tougher sentences, people would be safer. Does this sound rediculous or is common sense out the window??? Either way, this person who killed, was gonna do no matter how he was gonna get what he wanted. In the state I left,they release criminals all the time on account of error judgment and or cannot afford to house them. Doesn`t make sense to me. The same people who say the death penalty is cruel will turn around and freak out if their little girl is raped and killed and they fight to hire the best lawyer to put the person away.


I have tools in my toolkit that can be easily used as a weapon but i use my tools for tools. sooooooo

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    It's just a utility that a person can easily find people anonymously, which is the problem with it.

    People aren't smart enough to keep themselves safe on the internet, especially when offering real-life services as such via something like craigslist

    I wouldn't say it's to blame, I'd say people's mentality about it is. If it didn't exist, he wouldn't have been able to find anyone to kill in that manner. You can't assume he was going to kill someone because he might not have had a way to find a easy to get away with target, as clearly most killers don't want to be found.

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    Part of the reason that some people place blame with Craigslist is that Craigslist is being used to facilitate a crime - prostitution - that regularly puts the women involved at risk, as the victims in this crime unfortunately discovered.

    Some people are making the argument that Craigslist turns a blind eye to the flimsily disguised ads for 'personal services' and thus bear some responsibility for facilitating such transactions and any outcome thereof.

    It's a stretch as a legal argument, and it would be very difficult to use that to attach any specific crime to such an amorphous 'liability', but it does form the basis for an argument on ethics and morality.

    That is where your analogy - gun crimes - differs from this story. The legal sale of a gun is different than the facilitation of an illegal act.

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    I agree with you my friend. The media cannot help themselves. Blame. Blame. Blame. Someone shoots people, its the guns fault. Someone uses craiglist, its craiglists fault. Remember, just because you and I think logically does not necessarily mean everyone else does. On the death penalty, I am still waiting for the bumper stickers that will say you cant be both pro death penalty, pro war and catholic. Remember, Pro life is pro ALL life.

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    It's a Media Hype way of getting more attention for the crime. If the Media posted, "Man Kills Woman!!!" no one would read it or care -- they hype in a popular website like Craigslist and VOILA` Instant Attention for their meaningless evening news blurb.

    Your logic is 100% CORRECT -- but when the media gets involved, logic goes out the window.

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    Because we're a society that places blame on others even when there's reason for it. No one takes responsibility for their own actions anymore. We'll blame others so we don't have to look in the mirror and admit our mistakes. Very few people are willing to say, "I messed up, it was my fault" and we don't let others do it either. It's just easier to blame everyone and everything else.

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    Exactly.....It's like saying let's get rid of cars because that's what the drunk driver used to kill someone else with. You could say it about just about anything.

    People murder people not objects.

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    Because they can never just accept things for what they are. A man murdered a woman. There is nothing beyond that.

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    pfft.... the internet is the cause for alot of problems..... i wouldnt say its to blame but people act differently on it, it leads them to a sense of impunity and thats what leads to these things. kids getting raped by online sex offenders, young girls dating older men, and the normal b.s. its not craigslists fault its just the ppl.... we need to start exucuting these kinds of ***holes. (child molesters, rapists, murderers, etc etc. they are no good to our society!!!!!!!)

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    craigslist was a tool for the killer.

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