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Mitchell from NASA on UFOs: what's with this man? Why r media snickering?

What prompted his public statements recently? WHy no TV mainstream FACETIME with him?

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    I'm not sure his allusions were to actual UFOs but life existing elsewhere...there is a difference.

    As to why, I think many people believe that other than Larry King,

    nobody wants to give SERIOUS TV TIME to an aging astronaut.

    Guess What? I think he's a hero and should be interviewed on primetime!

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    His suggestion that we needed to move off our planet because it is going to expand someday is wierd. We have billions of years left. With our current technology, I wouldn't worry about it. We can let our great great great great great great..(add a million greats)...... grandkids worry about it. I think he is a bit wacko. I have seen two UFOs over Yakima Washington in 1980 and am absolutely convinced they must have been extraterrestrial crafts so I don't think he is crazy for suggesting there are UFOs.

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    Keep in mind an astronaut's opinion on UFO's and most other things are no more qualified than yours or mine.

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    because the goverment is shady man. they dont want him giving any info so this is what they do. kidnap him then steal his dentalrecords and anthing else and bury him in the desert.

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