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What are your picks for 2009 Origin Selections? (both teams)?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1. K. Gidley (c) - Wanted to pick Mckinnon after Gidley's shocker in game three last year but need to start Gidley somewhere.

    2. D. Williams - Hopefully his return this week makes up for some of the loss of Stewart

    3. M. Jennings - Outplayed Hodges last week, NSW need dangerous attackers

    4. M. Cooper - Needed to mark hopefully Inglis

    5. C. Lawrence - Deserves a spot, stronger and faster than Boyd

    6. T. Campese - If NSW win the series it will probably be on his back

    7. M. Pearce - NSW will play direct, Pearce plays straight, Wallace plays wide, Pearce also has more variety in his kicking game.

    8. L. Bailey - The quality props NSW can pick may be the difference after making do with White and Cross last year.

    9. R. Farah - Is playing as well as Ennis and deserves his spot

    10. B. Kite - Leaving him out was Bellamy's worst mistake last year, he isnt playing as well atm but still deserves a run.

    11. B. Creagh - With Watmough, been the form backrower in the comp so far this year

    12. A. Watmough - See above

    13. P. Gallen - Everyone hates him but he carries Cronulla week in week out

    14. G. Stewart - Can play effectively as a roving lock when the game opens up

    15. J. Clinton - Contentious spot goes to the man playing in a form team

    16. L. O'Donnell - So physical, should possibly start

    17. A. Laffranchi - Becoming super reliable - consistency edges him ahead of Tupou

    QLD: - No explanations needed for most

    1. B. Slater

    2. I. Folau

    3. G. Inglis

    4. J. Hodges

    5. D. Boyd

    6. D. Lockyer

    7. J. Thurstan - Prince thrives on being the centre of a team which makes him less suited as halfback run by Smith and Lockyer

    8. S. Price

    9. C. Smith

    10. P. Civoniceva

    11. S. Thaiday

    12. D. Stagg - One of the most improved players this year

    13. D. Johnson

    14. M. Bowen - Hunt will prob get the spot but Bowen should, he lifts the pace of the game on his own

    15. B. Hannant

    16. J. Lillyman

    17. M. Luck - Deserves a go infront of Parker, one of the best for the warriors every week

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  • hones
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Welll, i do no longer recognize who's up for determination, yet i think of (and this is notably corresponding to final year lol): QLD (have been given some incredibly good gamers, however the backrow...) a million. Hunt 2. Rogers 3. Hodges 4. Tate 5. Inglis 6. Lockyer (c) 7. Thurston 8. cost 9. C Smith 10. Civonoceva 11. Thaiday 12. Webb 13. Carroll Interchange: M Bowen, Berrigan, Thorn, Flannery NSW (a good number of forwards, however the halves choose artwork) a million. Minichello 2. King 3. Cooper 4. Lyon 5. Tahu 6. Gidley 7. Gower 8. Kite 9. Buderus (c) 10. O'Meley 11. Mason 12. N Hindmarsh 13. Maitua Interchange: Simpson, Farah, Bailey, chicken And yeah, this is basically hypothesis... additionally thinking El Masri, is he up for determination?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I will only pick the QLD team seeing how I think the very similar NSW team as Manly 4 lyf

    1) Karmichael Hunt

    2) Darius Boyd

    3) Greg Inglis

    4) Justin Hodges

    5) Israel Folau

    6) Darren Lockyer

    7) Johnathan Thurston

    8) Steve Price

    9) Cameron Smith

    10) Petero Civoniceva

    11) Sam Thaiday

    12) David Stagg

    13) Dallas Johnson

    14) Ben Hannant

    15) Nate Myles

    16) Matty Bowen

    17) Jacob Lillyman

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    lol Origin Qs are rollin' in already, and we still got 6 or so weeks!


    1) Kurt Gidley

    2) Joel Monaghan

    3) Jamie Lyon

    4) Chris Lawrence/Matt Cooper

    5) David Williams

    6) Terry Campese

    7) Peter Wallace

    8) Brent Kite

    9) Micheal Ennis

    10) Luke Bailey

    11) Anthony Laffranchi

    12) Glenn Stewart

    13) Paul Gallen

    14) Robbie Farah

    15) Micheal Weyman

    16) Anthony Watmough

    17) Josh Perry


    Same as last year

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    just a response to max e. gidley had a shocker? he was by far the blues best and probably should have won man of the match even though he was on the losing side.

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