On Survivor did anyone else thought it was funny when Coach said...?

When Coach told Sierra (while she was begging for her life) that everyone on the show had lied but him, did anyone else find that funny? I mean, this is the guy who was air dropped by a military helicopter into the amazon and captured...and he hasn't lied?

I also found it funny when he said that he could bench press 300 pounds...I find that hard to believe. For such a strong guy he sure sucks at challenges. If he can bench press 300 pounds he must be all muscle because he's almost as skinny as Tyson!

What an idiot!

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    Yes. Coach has so many faces it's pathetic. On his bio on cbs...it has since been changed...he stated that lying and cheating are part of the game and he planned to use those tools to 'win the game' yet he lied when he said he hasn't lied. He is delusional. I think all of his warrior, dragon slayer, alpha male crap is just a bunch of crap and a smoke screen. He is trying to overcompensate for his lack of masculinity. It's the same as all of his I've done this and I've done that crap. Whatever the topic, you can bet he is going to say that he has done it and done it better than anyone else.

    I thought it was so moronic when he was talking to JT about their warrior alliance and saying that "it would be stupid if we made an alliance, gave it a name, bandied the name about, talked about ourselves being warriors, and then chickened out at the last second" He acts worse than a bunch of little school girls. He is a complete and total idiot.

    Any time he is asked a direct question, he goes off on some long winded story about battle, slaying dragons, being a warrior. Too much smoke blowing. He seriously loves hearing himself talk and thinks that because he talks so much BS that other people will think that he is more intelligent. In my experience, people who are intelligent don't have to ramble on and on. Yes, I know I am rambling on and on :)

    I hope next week he takes his own death before dishonor advice and falls on the sword being the warrior that he is.

    I have watched every season of Survivor and this, in my opinion, was the best blindside ever. It was great to see Tyson's smug look being replaced by an "OH S**T" look.

    If I were in Sierra's position and Coach asked me where my loyalty lies, I would tell him not to worry about me and my loyalty. He wasn't concerned where my loyalty was when he was writing my name down.

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    Well, with the weight (pressing 300)- I thought that was amusing cuz wasn't it a few weeks ago (when it was two teams) that they did a weight sustaining contest, adn it came down to the women (Taj and Debbie) lasting the longest- for someone who can do 300, he sure didn't last long.

    Ans my husband now make predictions how many times he'll use the terms dragon or dragon slayer in an eppy- my hubby predicted 6-7, the only times he used it was 3 times in the first ten minutes, adn once on the way to tribal....but the looks were priceless- "why spend show much time making a alliance, naming an alliance, to throw it away"-- apparently the members were cleaning house last night-- maybe coach is next (if he's smart he'd back down some) and keep sierra as a back up elimination)

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    4 years ago

    This Is WHat I Said In Another Answer...And I Still Feel The Same...hes a douche. No Way! I hate him! "Your The Dragon. And I Am The dragon Slayer." Dude, Shut The **** up. "I WAS ATTACKED BY A SHARK!" .............I Don't Care! "I Was Captured By An Indian Tribe." .....Psycho... He only needs the money to pay off his bills from being in a "Hospital For the Mentally Insane" "YOU ARE A WIZARD! You Are a wizard." He has officially been added to my crazy list. "I have had 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 life threatening situations..." Doesnt that sound like lying?...Seriously, get your story straight. He should atleast try to make the story beliveable. He just wants the center of attention & the day he's voted out I will be on the floor laughing my *** off. If I was on the show with him I swear to god... Coach: I was captured by...uh...an Indian- Me: Shut Up...Just Shut Up...Your stupid... Coach: I speak the truth. Do you not believe me? Me: No. I don't believe you you stupid jackass. You really think they would let you go? Coach: Well...I'm just going to ignore you. I know that what I say...What I say is true...find the power in you to believe me. Me: Just leave me alone you fag, you sound like ******* Yoda. I HATE COACH!

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    I love Survivor, but the one thing I can never understand is how the merged tribe allows one person to call all the shots. I watched it with Rob and Amber years ago (I could not (and still can't) stand them!). Now Tyson & Coach! But finally they wised up and got rid of Tyson. I do hope Coach is next, his arrogant butt deserves to be voted off!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree, he is such a liar and braggart. So glad Tyson went and I hope that Coach is next. He is so cocky. Maybe next week he won't be quite so confident that he is the king. What an a$$.

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    Yes, and I am glad Tyson got evicted. Hope coach is next.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I thought that was hilarious. I also liked when Jeff said, well Coach I guess all those life experiences you've had haven't helped you to win immunity. It was priceless.

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    He is so full of himself and he believes his own crap. Tag has done more as a female that him. I was glad to see that Sierra stayed last night.

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    1 decade ago

    HAHA yah. He's an idiot, he needs to go next!!! It's not only hte military helicopter story that got me. It was when he said he studdied that martial arts in a monestary...I was like uhhhh wtf???

    He's stupid.

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    I can't believe everyone is blindly following that guy. I mean, WHAT HAS HE DONE? I loved the fact that his lackey Tyson got BLINDSIDED. He should DEFINITELY be next.

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