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SPANISH.a couple of questions im curious about.?

am reather interesting in spanish cultre; so i was wondering if anyone could answer any of my questions.

1). What is flamenco dancing?

2). When did it originate

3). Which part of Spain is famous for Flamenco dancing

4). What is a “canto”

5) a typical Spanish Flamenco dancer (male and female).

6). Name a famous flamenco dancer

7). Find the name of a famous flamenco dancing song


!). What is a “corrida”?

2) What is the outfit called that the bullfighter wears.?

3). Give one reason when a bull is saved?

4). famous bull ring (nameand where it is from)

5). Name one Spanish female / male bullfighter

6). When did Bullfighting start in Spain

7). Find a picture of a Spanish bull fighter


1). What is tortilla de patatas? (ingredients)

2) What are tapas? Name 2

3). What is one of the main ingredients in paella?

4). What are churros?

5) What is roscon de reyes


1).In Madrid what is the “Cibeles”? and what is its connection with Real Madrid football team?

2). Name one painting/artist that can be found in the Prado Museum?

3) What is the “moto” in Madrid?

4) Where did the Princess Elena of Spain get married and who to?

5). What famous monument can be found in El Escorial?

6). What is Ibiza famous for?

7). How long did it take to build the Sagrada Familia?

8). Who was Gaudi?.

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    Honestly, that's too much to try to answer right now. I recommend the book "Read & Think Spanish," found through McGraw Hill (ISBN: 13-978-0-07-146034-7). This book tells about all different Latin cultures around the world, and it is in Spanish. It gives you reading practice, and you learn tons of new words and info about cultures by reading it. I used it when I first got on the Advanced level, and it really helped. It also comes with an audio CD to hear natives speaking. I think you'd find it educational and informative.

    Other than that, I would just google the questions you have, or look on Wikipedia for some basic background info.


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