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Why the south-facing slopes are warmer than north-facing slopes in the northern hemisphere?

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    The following aspects were discussed

    1. The sun as the solar radiation

    2. Slopes (aspect)

    3. Tertairy winds

    1. The sun as the solar radiation

    The sun is the main input of energy to the earth, and it comes in the form of radiant energy. When radiant energy reaches the earth's surface it is converted to other forms of energy, for example thermal energy that is known as heat.

    2. Slopes (aspect)

    -Aspect is the direction in which the slope faces

    -South Africa falls under the southern hemisphere, and in the southern hemisphere the north facing slopes are hotter than the south facing slopes. In the northern hemisphere the south facing slope are hotter than the north facing slopes

    The southern hemisphere

    -The north facing slopes are hotter than the south facing slopes because they receive direct sun rays and the south facing slopes receive reflected heat or rays meaning oblique rays

    -The slope facing north is the south slope and the slope facing south is the north slope

    -The angle at which the sun's rays strike the slope is called the angle of incidence

    -The south facing slopes fall under the shadow zone (because they receive reflected heat)

    -The warmest part of the valley is called the thermal belt

    -The thermal belt lies below the cold mountain tops, but above the cold valley floor

    -Aspect influences where people settle, as warm slopes are preferred for settlement

    -Natural vegetation and farming is affected by aspect


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