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Maths Question of Inequalities

Tim played a game with Jack for several rounds. The winner of each round scored 4 marks while the loser lost 1 mark. They played the game for 15 rounds and there was no tie games. If the score of Tim was less than 30 marks ,find the least number of rounds that ack won.

Pls answer in detail


Place wrongly-_-

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    Let x be Tim's win, then Tim's score will be

    4x + (-1)(15-x) = 5x - 15

    if score of Tim need < 30, means 5x - 15 < 30

    => x < 9, so Tim can win only 8 games. So Jack at least need to win 7 games!

    But please make sure the question is "LESS THAN 30" but not "less than or EQUAL to 30", as the answer will be different.

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