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    The top three exporters of the high-speed rail road in the world are Japan , France and Germany. “Japan Railway” is the pioneer and it puts emphasis on energy saving. While TGV in France focuses on friendliness to our environment. So they said that when there were full of people, it was extremely hot like a oven . When time was up, the time air conditioner turned off autonomously like that in our school. Things above were all the senior's experiences in her overseas visit three years ago. I am not sure if now it's the same.

    The upholstery inside Germany's ICE is luxury with commodious space, just like in a BMW. Therefore, if one goes to Germany, he must take it! I really hope that we can also take ICE in our overseas visit.

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    第三行的 So they said that when there... “So”要去除

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    The global fast railroad's three big Exporting Country are Japan, France, Germany, Japan are initiate the country moreover to emphasize the energy conservation, but France's TGV emphasizes the environmental protection, heard that their air-conditioning system has supposes the time, therefore the human are many time will a little look like inside drying oven's feeling, as soon as because the time will arrive at the air conditioning to switch off, will look like the school the air-conditioning system to be the same, this will be studies the elder sister three years ago the overseas visit attainment, did not know that now is same! But must certainly sit their high-valence iron ICE to Germany, because their internal installation luxurious, spacious…Just likes luxurious Binshi, hoped our session of overseas visit when can sit   

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