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As observed by the seven Country Study after 5, 10 and 20 years of follow-up, the consumption of saturated fats was the environmental factor the most closely associated with CHD. By contrast, concerning stroke, a non-significant inverse relationship was noted after 20 years. Similar results have been observed in the comparison of Japanese living in Hawaï and those living in Japan as reviewed. Intake of total fat and saturated fat were inversely related to stroke, while they were positively associated with CHD. Concordant with these results is the prospective study from Framingham. After 20 years of follow-up in 832 men, a significant inverse association was found between the intake of saturated fat but not of polyunsaturated, and the risk of ischaemic stroke. Nevertheless it has also been reported that people consuming more saturated fat may be at higher risk of stroke.

The important issues in that connection is that all diets prescribed to prevent cardiovascular diseases are lower in saturated fats and total fats. Thus, further studies are certainly required to determine whether saturated fatty acids prevent stroke, while their noxious effect on CHD were unanimously accepted in the past, but considered ambiguous now.

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    一個透過7個國家,經過5,10,以及20年的追蹤觀察報告顯示,飽和脂肪的攝取是所有環境因素中與心臟血管疾病有最接近的關連. 但是相反的,在20年的觀察後發現,飽和脂肪與中風是負相關的(也就是飽和脂肪攝取越高中風機率越小).類似的研究結果也曾在那些住在夏威夷的日本人和住在日本的人所做的比較中看出.攝取全部的脂肪以及不飽和脂肪正好和中風機率成反比,卻和心臟血管疾病成正比. 另外在Framingham的一個研究也有同樣的結果發現.經過20年的觀察追蹤,在832位男性身上發現攝取飽和脂肪但不是多重不飽和脂肪與缺血性中風有明顯的相反比率.不過仍然有某些報告認為攝取過多的飽和脂肪是得中風的高危險群.


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    正如七個國家的研究後, 5年, 10年和20年的後續行動,消費的飽和脂肪的環境因素是最密切相關的冠心病。相比之下,關於中風,非顯著反比關係指出20年後。類似的結果中發現有比較日本住在夏威夷和那些生活在日本的審查。攝入的總脂肪和飽和脂肪是成反比中風有關,而他們與冠心病呈正相關。和諧與這些結果是由Framingham的前瞻性研究。經過20年的後續行動的832名男子,負相關關係,發現攝入的飽和脂肪而不是多,和缺血性中風的風險。但是另據報導,人們消費更多的飽和脂肪可以在更高的中風危險。


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