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翻譯商用英文 (狠急)



而MSI現在主要自己做研發自己生產, 散熱模組的效果 & 省電設計真的是一流的



而且我們現在有在大特價喔!如果現在買PX210這台的話 建議再加一條1G記憶體價格才30500真是太便宜啦!也可以分期付款,12其0利率,心動不如馬上行動!買吧!




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    Then we have a look MSI now with other sign comparison

    are likely 3C factory expert BCER, actually mainly all is looks for other factory to help it for the labor, but his pen electricity is a warming stove which became famous! But the pen electricity had to select must select radiates good as well as the service rate low

    aircraft type MSI main own does now researches and develops oneself produces, radiates the mold train effect & province electricity design really is first-class

    recently also has 39800 commodities recently as for new going on the market banana sign MACBOOK, but the specification also does not compare same level price MSI

    moreover the banana sign now also was for the BCER factory agent, therefore that two any difference, the banana sign has not been actually is selling the sign

    moreover we to have now in the big special price oh! If the present buys PX210 this Taiwan's to suggest again adds a 1G memory price only then 30500 really is too cheap! Also may the installment payment, 12 its 0 interest rates, the heart movement be inferior moves immediately! Buys!

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