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TRaNsient System Simulation 暫態系統模擬程序

Update 2:

PVT (Photovoltaic/thermal)

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  • 妮妮
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    1 decade ago
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    In recent years the rapid development of solar photovoltaic in Taiwan has many companies have joined the ranks of manufacturing solar cells, but solar energy systems for solar water heaters in Taiwan in addition to the more common outside of its electric power generation systems or complex systems (PVT) is slow development, so this study was to address electric system to do complex analysis, and through the transient system simulation program TRNSYS simulation software.

  • 1 decade ago

    In recent years the solar electro-optic developed Taiwan many companies to join the ranks which in abundance fast the solar cell makes, but regarding the solar energy system besides the solar-powered water heater was common in Taiwan its generating system or compound electric heating system (PVT) develops slowly, therefore this research to aim at the compound electric heating system to make the analysis, and penetrated the transition condition system simulation procedure TRNSYS software to simulate.

  • 1 decade ago

    Recent years many companies in Taiwan have joined to the line of the solar photocell developement due to the boom of Solar power. However, with regard to the Solar system in Taiwan the most common is the solar water heater, other developements such as electricity genearation system and the Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector(PVT) are relative slow. Therefore this research will aim at the analysis of PVT and imitate through the 暫態系統模擬程序 TRNSYS software.




    因為是專業用語 我不太明白你實際意思

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