How can you say the OT never mentions Jesus by name?

Jesus Hebrew name is הושע, and the Hebrew word for salvation is ישועה or ישע.

Odd that Jews and atheists argue that Jesus name never appeared in the OT. But God says his name over a hundred times to Israel, mostly within the clearly messianic passages.


His name in Hebrew is Yeshua which means Yah is salvation. The English name Jesus is the equivalent to his Hebrew name. the Hebrew word salvation is written sometimes written as Yeshua and it is read as that.

Update 2:

Yeshua/Jesus is salvation. When God is talking about his salvation in a personal way He is obviously referring to a person. Isaiah 62:11"Behold, YHWH has proclaimed unto the end of the world. Say ye to the daughter of Zion, Behold thy YESHUA[ Jesus/salavation] cometh; behold, His reward is with Him, and His work before Him."

Update 3:

Jesus actually doesn't mean anything it's a translation of a translation. The greek is for son of Zeus is Dios uios not Iesous.

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    yes Jesus is also mentioned in this verse

    Isa 44:6 Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.

    the lord here in english is Jehovah in hebrew

    thus says Jehovah king of israel and his redeemer jehovah of his host; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.

    God in hebrew is Elohim which is plural for God's.

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    There is no mention of Jesus, Yeshuah, or Yehoshuah, (with the exception of Yehoshuah, the leader after Moses died) in the Old Testament. There is the WORD, but not a name.

    However, the Messiah will NOT be any sort of deity. THAT is clearly stated in the Old Testament, as is the fact that the Messiah will usher in a great age of Peace. Has that happened? NO? Then neither has the Messiah.

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    n. Hosea, Biblical Hebrew prophet of the 8th century BC; Book of Hosea, book of the Old Testament


    tener conto di, fare attenzione a,... { heed }

    notare, osservare, accorgersi; vedere;... { notice }

    ascoltare, prestar orecchio, dare... { listen }


    salvamento; salvezza; (Teol) salvazione,... { salvation }

    Does not mention the Name of Yeshua Ben Joseph in the Old Testament.

    Rev. TomCat

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    NOPE- you are totally wrong. Jesus means- "son of Zeus" and the Hebrew name ישועה or to render in in English: "Joshua" may have many meanings one of which you mention BUT the context in the OT is clearly not referencing the Messiah.

    Jesus doesn't even come close to fulfilling the OT prophesies!

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    Since the OT is a CHRISTIAN text, it doesn't make any difference to any Jews, anywhere, what it does or doesn't say.

    We read and study our original Hebrew scriptures: the TANAKH.

    The OT was produced by the Church, it has nothing to do with Jews. Some OTs are very accurate. Others are total MIStranslations.

    None are identical to the Tanakh.

    The Tanakh was a complete 'bible' for thousands of years BEFORE Jesus was even born. And the original HEBREW Isaiah says NOTHING about Jesus. Why on earth would it? He's not part of Judaism and never was.


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    I find some of the atheists answers laughable. No one said the bible was written in English. If you think that's hat Christians believe then you are more misinformed than what I first thought. Of course there is no J in the Hebrew language. The letter J is an English transliteration. And even it didn't exist until the sixteenth century. I sure hope you are more thorough about your science. And Gelfing doesn't seem to understand what the term plagiarism is. It means that you pretend that you pretend you are the author. Christians have never claimed to have written the old testament. They weren't around.

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    Uh, I never said that. I don't know which atheists you're talking about, but they sure don't sound like the ones I'm familiar with.

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    You're nuts. That's not Jesus' name, that's God's name. It's not pronounced Yah-weh or Yehoshuah or any of your other Harry Potter made up names.

    FOLLOWS JESUS: Apparently you don't "follow" Hebrew or you'd know that Elohim does not mean Gods! LOL The word is "Eloheinu" and it means "Our Judge". Brush up a little dear, the ignorance is really not wearing well on you.

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    Jesus was not Jesus in Hebrew but Yeshua (or variation there of). Just another fantasy for a Xtian who don't crapola.

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    I think OT also said Jesus's name was supposed to be Ishmael or some other names that doesn't match NT's.

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