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What color paint to match black and white comforter?

I am having a problem picking out paint to match this black and white comforter that i just got the picture is showing it more as a navy blue and white rather than black and white at least on my screen. I do like the green walls in the pic but my living room is green and i would like a different color. Also, it cant be too girly because its also my bf's bedroom :) I was thinking red? and maybe white curtains but i'm really not sure would love some help! Any pics would be great to get an idea. Thanks in advance :)


forgot to add that all my furniture in my bedroom is white if that helps any

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    You know I would do a dark grey color, Ok Definitly not girly but you can add like Burgundy curtains, accent pillows on the bed, nick nacs or a frame on the wall, to a color like that will help make it look like a woman and man room. Plus give it a pop!

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    A bold/navy blue would look nice to add some color since you have only black and white textiles and furniture. The navy blue with the white give a fresh summer feel to the room. The toile style of the comforter reminds me of the blue french toile.

    If you don't want to do the entire room blue I'd just do two walls the blue and the other two plain white. I'd recommend Dusk from Restoration Hardware with The Right White as your white paint. I have to say though, that Restoration Hardware's paints are pigmented so depending on how much light you get in the room and what type of light it is, (such as sun light, fluorescent etc.) the paint will vary. If you don't get a lot of light in the room I would go with Shore which is the next darkest paint in the Shore collection. If your gonna go with Shore do all four walls in Shore and the ceiling in The Right White. If you have any crown molding paint it Right White. The white will make the blue really pop and look fresh.

    Source(s): French Toile: Restoration Hardware: Shore Paint Collection The Nantucket is an outdoor furniture collection but it will give you and idea of what the navy and white look like together
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    Red Black And White Comforter

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    The comforter matches any color, actually, as black and white are absent of any color. What's important is that the motif of the room should fit the comforter. Like, minimalist does not suit the design of the comforter.

    That said, pick your favorites. I would choose a relaxing color for a bedroom, and put the dramatic colors in other areas, such as the living room.

    The color swatches of True Value are nice (see link). You can click and substitute colors for both walls and ceiling, so you get a better idea of what works for you. When you have narowed down your selections, go to a hardware store and look at the actual swatches.

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    Although red would look great, red is not a relaxing color as it is very energizing and stimulating. Any color really goes well with black and white. Just consider that it is your bedroom so the color needs to be complementary to bedroom activities, including sleep. Also, you don't have to paint every wall the same color, but you could have 1 accent wall with color and have the remaining walls white. Consider a rich, but relaxing blue, or even charcoal gray, depending on your accessories and tastes, both yours and your boyfriend's too.

    Source(s): Practical experience as a homeowner + some work with color therapy.
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    I would go with a deep red or blue. Or you can leave the walls white & get red curtains & red accessories, like a lamp or some wall art, to add some color without going too crazy. Good luck :)

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    A really bright blue or aquamarine would brighten the look and not be too girly. Red, black and white tends to look goth. Periwinkle would give it a very soft look and is like having 2 colors in one. At different times of day the periwinkle may look blue or lilac. I love the toile and would complete the look with curtains, pillows and throws in matching blue and lilac.

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    Red is one of the hardest colors to obtain good coverage with so if you go this route be sure to use a tinted primer; it will cut down on the coats of paint needed, as well as lots of frustration. You could use 2-3 shades of gray, then use shots of color around the room - pillows, throws, curtains, chairs, rugs, etc. You could try purple/grayish lilac on the wall; you could use apple green on the bed wall, with rich warm tan on the others. You could use a saturated shade of golden rod/yellow... black and white are definite neutrals so you aren't limited by much except your imagination. Why don't you go to a store and play around with paint swatches to see if you're inspired by something you hadn't thought of... and remember, it's only paint - you can change it if you simply can't live with your choice.

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    Well it depends on what you like better you can either go with a gray for a sophisticated look or a tan for a cozy look. Also if you have tile get a fluffy white rug. Try to make all your furniture the same color too.

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    What about a nice sky represent the day.. or a darker blue to represent the night. but if your creative you could figure away to use two colors to represent day and night. Just not black and white. You don't want to much of one color in the same room. Especially if you want things to stand out.

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