is there a famous painter that signs his/her paintings A.Moore or something that looks like that?

I have a painting and I'm just wondering if the painter was famous.


well the signiture is in cursive. It seems like its in pastel. Its like a few buildings and a few people.

Update 2:

its in cursive . the painting is in pastel. its of just a few buildings and some people. Its very bright and relaxing.

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    Hi! These are just the documented possibilities...

    and your 'A. Moore' may be someone else entirely.

    Without an image or additional information, it would

    be too hard to say.

    A. A Moore

    A. Harvey Moore ( - 1905) England

    A. L. Moore (1900 - )

    A. Moore (1890 - )

    Agnes Moore (1878 - )

    Alan Moore ( - )

    Albert Joseph Moore (1841 - 1893) England

    Albert Joseph Moore (attributed To) (1841 - 1893)

    Alexander Poole Moore (1778 - 1806)

    Alfred Moores ( - )

    Alfred Nixon Moores

    Andrew Moore (1957 - ) United States of America

    Annie Moore Gilliland

    Arthur William Moore (1863 - 1909) United States of America

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    This is by Albert Joseph Moore, see if your paintings resemble this style.....

    or could it have been C. Moore, here are the images

    Yes, it would help us if we knew what the painting was (the theme) and the age of the painting if you could guess/ style helps with dating it too.

    Sorry nothing else on A. Moore except Rebecca A. Moore who doesnt seem to sign her paintings, they are fairly recent paintings of like portraits and horses so if that is what you have then look her up.

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    wish it's an original of albert joseph moore. they are some painting that goes up to 3 million in auction.

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    Nothing on the first result page of google. Maybe a local artist?

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  • 1 decade ago

    What is the painting of, and do you know how old it is?

  • 1 decade ago

    after looking at the other answers I now know there is a lot of A. Moore's I only knew of one thanks

  • 1 decade ago


    was it in cursive or what? give me details so i can try to figure it out...

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