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Does phentremine work? how long does it take to work if u work out every day too?

i would very much appreciate the help! thank you!

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    You mean PhenTERmine or PhenTREmine??

    If you mean PhenTREmine then it's just some fake herbal stuff that scammers push online and some people get fooled and buy it, because it sounds so much like PhenTERmine.

    If you mean PhenTERmine, then yes, it does work, for some it does not have so great results, for some it has great results(I know a girl which lost 8 punds in 5 weeks on phentermine) But PhenTERmine is also a weight loss pill that can have nasty side effects, so not everyone can take it. So check with your doctor about phentermine before you decide to take it.

    Also, since it has became a strictly controlled drug a few years ago it's impossible to get real phentermine online anymore.

    It was possible to get phentermine online a few years ago, but those times are long gone!

    Please read about online phentermine scams before you send your credit card details to anyone

    Simply there is no more RELIABLE source selling phentermine online .. there are scammers selling you fake herbals or just fake and even DANGEROUS stuff.. (or the most common.. your cc gets charged and you get nothing in return as there is no.. I repeat.. there is NO RELIABLE place online to get phen anymore.. there were a few some years ago like Custom HRT(out of business) but not anymore....

  • caylor
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    3 years ago

    properly in accordance to WebMd, "Xenical and Meridia are reasonably valuable, maximum appropriate to an primary weightloss of 5 to 22 kilos over a a million-three hundred and sixty 5 days era, extra suitable than what may be expected with non-drugs. although, the reaction to those drugs is in line with each and every guy or woman, and a few human beings journey extra weightloss than others." Phen/Fen replaced into taken off the industry in 1997, "with the aid of fact they led to harm to coronary heart valves. Phentermine continues to be obtainable with the aid of prescription. Taking phentermine on my own has no longer been linked with the destructive well being outcomes of the fenfluramine-phentermine combination." inspect the article for your self. once you're obese then ask your everyday practitioner in the event that they had be keen to prescribe something to assist inclusive of your urge for foodstuff.

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